Anyone at the Stereophile show

I'll make a longer review later.
But some of the stuff thats great.
JM Lab Alto speakers in the Musical surrounding room.
Holy Moly does this speaker sound incredible.
Articulate fast and a great bass response.
Garth Leer also played alot of great upbeat tracks.
Some of the music in the other rooms could put you to sleep.

Hyperion speakers. First time hearing them and there a must hear speaker.
There sweet sounding speakers with a good bass response.
Vandersteen 5 speakers sounded phenominal on these Pathos mono tube amps.
The 5s sounded very 3 dimenional and airy.
Gini tube amps and preamp on the 10th floor.
I never heard of this tube amp and preamp.
This is a 300B 845 tube amp.
Its a large tube amp that runs cool. It uses impressive tubes.
Two 300Bs, Two 845's.
It costs 2950 and sounds unbelievable.
They also had a matching preamp and this cool looking acrylic board, which was under the CD player.
Good speakers for the money. The Odyssey speakers that use the Scanspeak 7 inch woofer and tweeter sounded really good.
The speaker that I enjoyed listening to the most was the Focus Audio FS78 SE (floor standing anniversary model). I enjoyed them so much that I went back to the room 4 separate times and spent a total of about an hour and a half there on Friday. If I pull the trigger, I am thinking about pairing them with a Prima Luna Prologue 2. If you like your sound on the warmish side, the sense of depth and overall musicality that the Focus produced was outrageous. Now, I just need to find a way to finance them ($3450)!

As for the rest that I saw ... I was not as taken with the Hyperions, as some in the room were. I enjoyed the first 10 minutes of listening, but by the time I got to 20 minute mark, the tweeter was giving me a headache. I agree with your JM Lab Alto assessment ... that was a sweet sounding speaker. The Vandersteen 5 did nothing for me ... they sounded boxy to me ... which would be a neat trick given how most Vandersteens are constructed. The little Naim's (n-SATS at $1300) were pretty decent and address the placement issues that many apartment and condo owners have (they can be placed just about anywhere with good results). I found the EPOS M5 decent sounding as well, but I thought they were straining most of the time. And finally, Joseph Audio had a good sounding room, though I am tiring of the story that he was "screwed" by the HES committing for cancelling in years past the voting for best sounding room. This year, my vote for best sound would go to the Focus Audio/Blue Circle room.

Overall, I was disappointed with the show. It was noticeably smaller and had less representation than the last two times that the show was in NYC (2002 & 2004).

Regards, Rich
I was most impressed with the Hyperion speakers. I was at the show early Friday before the large crowds started to form and was able to spend quite a bit of time listening in the Hyperion room. I found the speakers to be very dynamic with great detail. They did not force me out of the room with high frequency energy as other presenting rooms did. They were being driven by 18 watt tube monoblocks that Hyperion makes as well.

My second favorite room was the DeVore Fidelity room where they were demonstrating the Silverback Reference. This was a very impressive speaker. Great treble clarity and overall soundstage definition. An expensive speaker, but in this case you seem to get what you pay for.

As Rich previously mentioned, the show was a bit of a disappointment. There were fewer vendors than in previous New York shows that I attended. Sadly, most of the missing vendors were smaller manufacturers that could probably most benefit from the exposure that the New York show can provide.
I liked Gilbert of Blue Circle's "Music Pumps Manequin Music System" In the hall outside their room.

The GTT Audio room with the Kharma 3.2/sub/new 150 wpc class D amp/Kubala-Sousna/Kuzma setup was making for some very nice analog playback. I preferred it over the larger Kharma speakers with Lamm amps next door.

EMM Labs digital playback was in a lot of rooms and making a very good show of themselves, but Ray Kimber's demo of his ISOmic recordings using the big Pass amps and the gorgeous TAD Model 1 loudspeaker in 4 channel was very impressive.

I agree with the above assesment about the show being a lot smaller than in years gone by, with a lot of major players being absent.

I saw of lot of our own Albert Porter over the course of the two days I was there, and am looking forward to his always great photos.
Can you give any more information on Gini amps? Website? Contact? SETs?
It was my first time there, so it's interesting to hear that the show wasn't has big.

I was also really into the Blue Circle/ Focus room - other favorites were the Almarro room, Mark Levinson's presentation, the Vandy model 5As, DeVores, mbl, VSA VR-4jr. I didn't like the Hyperion's as much as I thought I would. They just weren't engaging. Also, as hard as I try, I just can't get into Joseph Audio speakers. The first time I heard the Pearls, they had just come out and were sent over to Audio Classics in Elmira (I think after a show somewhere - I made the trip to the store to pick up a used MAC amplifier). I heard them with 1000 watt MAC monoblocks...did not like 'em. Unlike the expo, they were set up properly and I wasn't sitting behind a group of people talking - but at the expo they sounded the same. They're definitely up there in the hi-end world, but best of show?!

I was talking to Richard Vandersteen and we came to the conclusion that probably most of the hi-hand speaker designers out there probably don't go out and listen to enough (or any) live music.
rooms that caught my attention:
1. lamm/damoca: huge soundstage, amazingly clean bass, gripping
2. harmonix reimyo: very refined, realistic, but underwhelming, i think their speakers weren't quite on par with their superb electronics
3. jm lab/balanced audio: fulfilling, musical, a bit overwhelming and hifi sounding, but still quite impressive (especially playing vinyl)
4. jm lab/pathos/esoteric: lively and musical, well balanced, not the most detailed
5. talon/wavac: great presence, well extended both ends, my second favorite room
6. acapella/einstein: my favorite room, both small and large speakers sound super transparent, most detailed, seamless, coherent, bass is clean and adequate, music seems to be transformed to fine art
7. software sale madness!!! found almost everything i ever wanted and more at discount

it was my first time going to an electronics show. after coming home and played music for hours, i am glad that i have gained more respect for my system. no more upgrading until i get rich.
Rar1, you din't like the tweeter on the Hyperions? Funny that you mentioned it. I was there early Saturday and I initially thought the tweeter was bothersome. I own a pair of the Hyperions so I know how they should sound. I think what happened was that the Hyperion SS monos were not fully warmed up because when I came back at the end of the day, the highs sounded as sweet as ever. Did you hear the Hyperion tube monos? The high frequencies are just magical with the tube monos. I have posted an extensive review on the Hyperion room and the VS VR4jr/DK Design VS1 room. Should be up soon so take a look and tell me what you think.
Drewfidelity, I'm glad you're another Hyperion 938 convert! I couldn't agree with you more. Just imagine, the 938s will sound a lot better in your home.