Anyone at the Devore Fidelity Event?

Curious if anyone in the LA area is going to the Devore event to hear the O96 Reference?  I don’t know what other equipment or speakers will be there.  Saw it on the company Facebook page.  I hope he has an event in New England.  

It seems more and more designers are hitting the road to display.  I hope it helps them thrive.  I’m not connected to the Devore company or host- Common Wave in any way,  just a happy owner of his speakers over the years.  

Would love to hear those speakers!
I'd be interested in any reports from that event.
Prof with your writing skills and love of the speakers you should get limousine service to the event! Lol

The photo on FB shows all ref Nagra with them.  A treat for sure.

Ha!  Thanks bjesien.
I used to be pretty fanatical in my speaker searches - travel by car, train or plane to wherever I had to in order audition speakers.
The O reference series is way beyond my means so hearing them would just be for fun.
Perhaps those who want to hear speakers priced from $3k to $8k
they will want to attend Speakerfest Saturday June 29th 10-4pm
in Scottsdale, AZ. We push the envelope at $17k with the Sanders
electrostatics which many people feel are the last word not only
in electrostatics but all speakers.
8600 E. Andersen Dr, Scottsdale, AZ . $10 fee to defray costs.
firstnot that has nothing to do with this thread besides it being an audio event.
I went and thought they sounded great with the caveat that its a huge, loft style store and there were like 30 people there so ambient level was high.

They soundstaged better than expected, just wish we could have tested out the massive bass more (one cut hit it and the entire crowd turned around). Tonality was considerably more refined and pure than his existing speakers and the speaker is very dynamic. 

But anyone who can say they truly evaluated this speaker in that kind of environment is kidding themselves.
I was not at the event, but I visited Common Wave a few months ago while visiting LA.  The owner Wes was extremely nice, and he has a mouthwatering selection of gear.  That said, I agree that the warehouse/loft layout that he has in the store isn't really ideal for auditioning.

In that space, I thought the (original) O/96 sounded a bit dry and sterile.  I'm not sure if it was the listening space or the Nagra electronics, or both.  In his shop I thought the Marten speakers powered by EAR electronics sounded better.  But that's getting a bit off topic.  
WCat I’ve never heard Marten speakers but I have heard Verity Parsifal Anniversary speakers driven by both Nagra and EAR electronics.  The Nagra was clean and vibrant and engaging, the EAR was detailed, smoother and more charismatic to my ears.  

Hi Keith, wish I still lived on the west coast, I would have been there. Did you hear enough to make you want to hear more?
Absolutely, despite being a loud event not an audition - although an $85k speaker will never be in the cards for me. I do think the trickle-down tech could be very interesting and wonder what the next Orangutan might be like.