Anyone around NYC area with Eminent Tech ET8s?

Would GREATLY appreciate an opportunity to listen to these for half hour, or so, as there are no dealer showrooms around!

Thanks so much in advance.

It's a shame that no one has the ability to share their ETs with you. In the absence of a listening experience, try to imagine the marriage of a magnepan and Vandersteen sound, and you will be close to the ET experience. If that seems appealing to you, then you likely will enjoy the ETs. There are many places to hear these other speakers, and if you can conceptualize the melding of them, you would have a fair idea of the ET experience.
Have you tried calling Hudson Audio located at 10 Manor Road
Harrington Park, NJ 07640? (201) 768-0672 Looks like it is not too far from NYC.

Plus , on the Eminent Technology site they have this listed:

Direct Sales Policy: For direct purchases of products from Eminent Technology payment by credit card can be accomplished through Paypal. We can also accept personal checks, cashiers checks or Money orders which must clear prior to product shipment.

Products purchased directly from Eminent Technology have a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping to destinations within the United States. If the Eminent Technology speakers do not meet your expectations during the 30 day trial period, just send them back using the original packaging materials. As long as the product is not damaged, we'll refund your money. In order to use our direct sales policy, your residence must be 150 miles from the nearest dealer.
Dear Mr Schroeder,

We have conversed before on the audio asylum two years ago... I recall you ve mentioned that you have been using the Eminent Tech 6s in your office..... Since you have experienced with both the 8bs and the 6s,  I would be very curious to know your impressions & differences  & preferences on these.. I did purchase the 8b and am very happy with them, and have been looking for a pair of 6s, so wondering if the "upgrade" is worth it.. Would appreciate your invaluable advise greatly as always.. Thanks so much and best regards!
The LFT-6 is hard to find. I know, I tried! I settled on the pair of LFT-4's I did manage to get my hands on (and LFT-8b's).