anyone any experience with Consonance T-1?

i just started over and sold my amps and bought a new pre amp and power amp. hope i didn't make a mistake. i am going to run the Consonance T-1 with a parasound a21. i think the power amp will be fine just not sure about the pre.
any help will be appreciated.
I audition this amp about two years ago with the Consonance monos and it sounded great. I don't remember anything negative about my listening experience with Consonance. The sonic personality of the preamp was pretty neutral meaning it did it's job.

If you want more focus in the bass, midrange, or treble try swapping out 12Au7s with Mullards,or Soveteks.

Try upgrading to better PC and IC afterwards.
thank you sir. this is my first experience with tubes. i am excited.
best regards