Anyone any experience of Gato Amps?

These look interesting, especially their power amps. Has anyone had a chance to listen to one?
I own the Gato AMP-150.   It is a superb integrated and has performed much better than virtually any other amp I have owned (McIntosh, Luxman, PrimaLuna, Accuphase and Esoteric). 

I suspect the separates are a step above the AMP-150.
Sounds good, I may be interested in the power amp, so if the integrated is as good as the ones you've mentioned then it must be punching above its weight!!!

you said that Esoteric is better then Gato, whereas above you said it's other way around.


@meekeenz.   I have owned dozens of amps of which said brands (to name a few) were mentioned.  I guess I should have been more specific in terms of which models I was referring to as opposed to simply mentioning brands. Sorry for the confusion.   

If you are asking how the Gato AMP 150 compares to the Esoteric F-05, I would have to give the nod to the Esoteric sonically. Since it also has additional features beyond that of the Gato, it also has some additional value.  

Its been a while since I have owned both pieces of gear but I do remember how well the Gato paired with Aerial Acoustic speakers.  

I hope that answers your question.