Anyone a Regina Spektor fan?

After listening to several of her songs, I was surprised that an Audiogon forum search turned up nothing. She seems destined for legendary status amongst this community, given that her music and singing fit perfectly with many of the artists so frequently mentioned here. In any event, she's touring, and my sister (caveat: she's Regina's vocal coach) told me she's brilliant, and a must-see in concert.

Just curious to find out if others here have listened to her?
Ask your sister to implore Regina to find another venue in Washington, DC besides the 9:30 Club. The place is a dump, the staff is downright spooky, and they're located in a very sketchy neighborhood.

I think she'd do well to try a booking at Iota Club, Jammin' Java, or The State Theater...

My sister is her vocal coach, not her manager or booking agent. It's odd, because she's playing some great venues out here in CA.
I was helping my daughter paint her bedroom a couple of months ago with music from her ipod. Fidelity, the opening cut on Begin to Hope came on and I asked, "who is this?" My daughter said "you'd like her because she sounds like that lady you listen to all the time." After a few questions I determined she was referring to Joni Mitchell. Nice company to be in. Anyway, I picked up a couple of he cds and highly recommend Begin to Hope.
It is surprising she didn't show up in a search as I think I mentioned her once. Could've spelled her name incorrectly.
I love Regina, the first time I heard her on MTV I turned quickly and said WHO IS THAT! She is out of this world, I want to catch one of her concerts here in DC or MD, any coming up soon? Just saw one at the Savon?? Your sister is her vocal coach, great. Can you tell her that Regina is Spectacular.

Blujag26, looks like you're in luck.
11/19/06 at Sonar in Baltimore. My sister predicts "superstar" with Regina.