anyone a b test krel krc350 against sonic frontier

My system with sonic frontier line 2 preamp sounds good with vocals and relaxed music but seems to struggle with fast and busy recordings especially rock music. I am wondering if going to a solid state preamp will solve my problem. I currently use a mccormack dna1 solid state amp.
Celerity or lack thereof is not a problem with the line 2. I have had the 1,2,&3 in my system & the only time I had a problem with speed it was due to either line conditioning or interconnects.. Larry W
I agree with Larry (I'm pretty sure). Larry, what is Celerity?-- must have to do with perceived "speed". Anyway, I've used a Line 2 pre for near 4 years now, have tried the Line 3, and also own a line 1. I used the Line 2 with a DNA-1 for near 3 years and never thought it was a "slow" combination. In fact it has excellent PRaT-- and I listen to a LOT of hard driving R&R music-- G. Thorogood, ZZ Top etc. I also agree with Larry in that various "wires" are more likely to be the culprit re your PRT problems. I now use the Line 2 with a DNA2 Rev. A also excellent results. Good Luck. Craig
I used to own a Line 1 and McCormack DNA 1 dlx for two years and never percieved this combination as having a lack of PRaT. Plenty of verve on hard driving rock. That said, the DNA-1 would start to swamp when pushed to hard on complex music with my B&W 802 S3s.

I would agree that something else needs to be addressed; speaker placement, mains, cabling, source, fresh tubes, etc.