anyone a b test krel krc3 against sonic frontier

My system with sonic frontier line 2 preamp sounds good with vocals and relaxed music but seems to struggle with fast and busy recordings especially rock music. I am wondering if going to a solid state preamp will solve my problem. I currently use a mccormack dna1 solid state amp.
I demo'd both and bought the KRC-3. The Krell really shone on dynamic pieces. Whereas the SF was a little on the lifeless side (and rather boring). SF may soundstage a little better how ever. I also use solid state amp.

I think the KRC-3 would definitely be worth an audition. If you find a used one around $1500 you would probably be out only the shpping $ if it didn't meet your expectations.
How long have you owned your krell pre, does it ever give you ear fatigue?

The KRC-3 is very revealing of source and cables. Had it about 5 years. I use a tubed CD (BAT D5) and Krell FPB 200 amp with it. The combination favors high quality all copper interconnects. I enjoyed the Kimber 1120 and AQ Anacondas the most and kept the Anacondas. All the silver cables I tried sounded slightly hard in the middle (including Kimber's highly regarded KS-1130/ didn't have access to the AQ Amazon) leaving female vocals wanting of warmth.

After going thru 12+ interconnects, I can only emphasize that your results will be system dependent. If you like, you are welcome to email me.