Anyone A/B'd Rega Ear on HD600's to other HP amps?

With the arival of my first daughter, my beloved hi fi consising of Talon Khorus,EMC1 CD Aloia pre,Alcheist amp Etc.are getting less used and my 'phone rig with Rega Ear and HD600's connected to the tape out on the Aloia(with the inductive PS) are getting used more. I have the Cardas cable for the 600's. Any suggestions on how to tweak this? Has anyone heard the Ear v/s other headphone amps? Is there a way to better the Ear with a power supply upgrade-it comes with a cheap wall wart and doorbell wire! I am new to this headphone game but am enjoying it so far-this is a great sonding combo, but we all know how this hobby is, as we are always seeking better! Thanks for your help! Scott
Contact the folks at Headroom (nice web site), their Base Station One power supply may be compatable. I have their Cosmic amp and the Base Station with HD 600's, which is a very nice system.
You might want to look into the David Bering Micro ZOTL headphone/tweeter amp. This is supposed to be one of the best out there. Also might want to give the sudgen headmaster a try. Both of these for around 700 with you Senns and you will be in headphone heaven, oood luck!
Sorry, that is David Berning, I missed the n the first time
Hi, I've read that the Sugden Headmaster is very good HP amp. Since I don't actually own one or have heard it, may mean little. Hello Scott! Congrats on your Daughter!
Thanks for the info to all! Thanks for the congrats Nath!
I am having the same trouble finding a Power supply for this HPA the only thing that comes close is the Creek OBH2 but it is 24VDC output whereas the Rega is 24VAC. if you find anything let me know
Still have your Rega Ear-just curius-I never did fing a Ps for mine-now wodering if I should try something different, but I do like the rega-dont want to go backwards-you never see the regas for sale-Scott