Anyone A/B'd AIVS vs.Lloyd Walker's new solution?

I am an enthusiastic fan of the Audio Intelligent record cleaning regiment. As many of you may have noticed, Lloyd has brought a new three step product to market including an intial enzyme rinse which you apparently mix-up in small quantities to use with each record cleaning session. Supposedly, the enzyme Lloyd is using has a short shelf-life or loses its effectiveness anyway. I'm not generally one who cleans more than 1-2 records at a time and I usually stop at a single side. Although I suspect with practice you can mix-up just as much as you need, I suspect there will be waste with Lloyd's system, at least with the way I use it. On the other hand, if its superior, I could live with some slight waste. I guess the best test of the two products is to use it on two new records of the same title and see how they each work on removing mold release compounds. If you use one on a dirty record, play it, and then re-clean it with the other, how can you be certain that the record hasn't just benefitted from the second cleaning? How would you ever know that if you began using the other cleaner first, and followed with the second, a different result would be achieved; its not like you can go back and reverse the process. Has anyone come up with a "clean" winner.
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Stew3859, you might take a look at an earlier post by Slipknot1 where he comments about his experience with the Walker Audio Prelude relative to his previous use of the Audio Intelligent:

Initial Impressions: Walker Audio Prelude LP Cleaning Solution