Anyon know of wallmounts for B&W 805's

Ineed to wall mount my 805's in my surround setup. Stands are not an option,and the mounts I've seen don't accomidate a 13 1/2 inch long (depth) speaker. Any suggestions or solutions. Thanks.
Check out Omnimount, they are bound to have something. They handle everything even studio grade stuff (very heavy). Their website has only their basic lines.

A google search for Omnimount 60 will show you some of their larger wall mount brackets to handle 60 lbs speakers. I had some smaller ATC's mounted this way - works great.

B&W makes a wall mount 805 speaker that comes with the hardware.No?
Hi Gaswho52,

Did you find any solution? I am in the same boat with you. Hope to get something to work for 805.