Anyoen hear the Sonus Faber Liutos?

Has anyone heard or purchased Sonus Faber's new Liuto speakers? I would be using them with monoblocked Pathos integrateds. I have the Faber Concertos and am looking for a little bigger soundstage and sonic footprint. But I like the Faber sound very much and the Lituo is in my price range.
I haven't heard the Concerto's, so can't say if it will be an upgrade, but I have heard the Liuto's with an ARC vs-i60 integrated and an Ayre cd player. I thought they sounded very good, especially given their relatively small footprint. They had a very clear and pleasing sound: nicely rounded bass (although not the deepest), open and grain-free highs, and vocals sounded particularly good. In fact, in some ways that whole system was a very easy to listen to, no nonsense system. I did, however, feel that the sound stage was a little compressed in width compared to some other systems I've heard, but this isn't necessarily the speaker's fault.
I've heard the floorstanding liuto in a friend's system. The room he has available for the system is very difficult to work with but the Liutos sound pretty good. They seem to work particularly well when listening fairly close to the speaker. Some of the past Sonus Faber speakers had tweeters that just did not sound good when too close to the speaker (the ring radiator tweeters) -- they sounded a bit edgy and rough. The liuto tweeter is softer sounding, sounds good off axis and integrates better with the bass.