Anybody with some thoughts on Hafler amps

Recently I picked up a Hafler 9300 amp along with a Hafler 945 series pre-amp. The (used) amp and pre-amp were purchased to drive a couple of Dali Euphonia MS4's. During the first hour or so of listening, the amp seems about as musical as a brick; when performing numerous comparisons against a Denon 3805 A/V receiver, the Denon had it beat all to Hell. However, after an hour or two of continuous play, some voodoo magic begins to happen (I know the amp warms up) and the amp begins to gain some essence and hence forth the music starts to flow, not sounding starchy or flat…I guess to get to my point, has anyone else with this amp or something similar had this experience where at the beginning it’s almost intolerable, and only later something decent occurs? In addition, if anyone else is driving some Dali speakers I would be curious to hear what types of amps you have used and some of the lessons learned. Musically I’m all over the map: The Rolling Stones to Rossini, Fats Domino to the Lords of Acid. Thanks for any comments. Cheers
If you thought it sounded better after a couple of hours; leave it on for 24/36 hrs;then listen.
I used to have a Hafler DH110 I made from a kit.
I was an excellemt preamp!
For under $100 used it is hard to beat.
I used a variety of Hafler amps over the years, DH-500, Xl-600, 9500, 9505.

If you pick up a used 9500 or 9505 they are quite good, especially at the prices they bring today.

Too bad Hafler is gone. Another quality mid/upper fi brand bites the dust.


Paul :-)
Hafler is now building pro amps.
I agree with Avguygeorge; I left my DH-200 powered up 24/7. If I turned it off it was hours before it sounded good again. It didn't draw much power at idle. With a little modding it sounded great and served me well. David Hafler was a pretty smart engineer.
i have that same Hafler 945 preamp and i notice the same thing... but i am not totally sure if it has anything to do with my power amp
i love that preamp though... way better than the POS Toshiba i had before
It's not unusual for SS gear to need time to warm up, particullary older gear. I'm running a 35 year old amp and it takes a minimum of 1/2 hr to get happy with the music. The edigness falls away, bass deepens, and transparancy increases. Part of the phenomonen may be due to tempature and part may be due to getting all the caps filled. I'd like to leave it on all the time but that makes me nervous.
Anybody know where I can get a replacement remote control for the Hafler 945 preamp/tuner? Will universal remotes work as well?
I have Hafler DH-200 and Hafler preamp love them both.I'am a old hifi'er from the 50-70's,when JBL was the speakers made in USA. Reg Dawson
The 9300 Transnova is a fine amp -- essentially the same as the 9500 /9505 but with less power. I had the 9505 and it was truly a fine amp and is still highly regarded, esp. in pro circles.

I think your problem is the 945 preamp, which I also had. When I replaced it with a McCormick TLC-1 passive buffered preamp, the improvement was remarkable.

So, I think your amp is fine, it's the preamp that needs to be upgraded.
I have a 9500 and it sounds fine cold...but improves significantly after about an hour. It dissipates 175W at idle so I don't leave it on all the time.

- Kofi
I have a Hafler 9270 Amp with DH 110 pre. It starts a little cold but really gets going after a couple hours. I run (2) Techniques 1200 turntables through it. These go through a mixer as well. It sounds o.k. but not like the SACD player that I also run through it. That thing sounds like the performer is in the room when I play it. Even people who don't care about audio make comments on the SACD sound. I want the turntables to sound a little better. I think I am going to replace the DH-110 with a 945 (what do you think? will this changs anything?) Also replace the cables, get a new mixer & service the tables. Does anyone think this will help?
I don't want to waste a bunch of time and money.
Much depends on the cartridges and mixer that you're using with those tables. Most DJ oriented pieces are not especially designed for fidelity. If the DH-110 sounds good with the SACD; it should sound at least as good, with a decent phono pre and better cart. Ortofon makes some nice, entry level, MM carts like the 2M Bronze( Here's another option, on sale: ( You won't get all the nuance, that a moving coil would provide. But- you'll still get a better slice of what's on your vinyl. BTW: If your DH-110 was equipped with the optional DH-112 installed; a MC would be a major improvement. Have you tried the tables, directly plugged into the Hafler's stock phono stage? Even that should sound better than through the mixer. See if you can borrow a good phono pre from a dealer and compare it(plugged into your AUX), to your mixer and the Hafler's phono inputs, even with your present carts. You don't mention what cabling you're using now. Kimber Kable has offerings at virtually every price point, and excellent Bang-For-The-Buck. You won't be disappointed by their presentation. ALSO- Keep in mind; with vinyl your results majorly depend on the proper setup/alignment of your arm and cartridge. I guess, with the 1200's arm, there isn't a lot of adjustment available, but at least use a protractor to insure your alignment. Some things that will inprove your tables can be found here: ( Probably the single greatest impact, could be realized by replacing the armboard and tonearm. Happy listening!
Hafler amps are a major bargain on the used market and deliver very good sound quality for the money. I have owned the DH200 and the PRO 500, both delivering an impressive sound. The PRO 500 is essentially a DH500 but with upgraded parts. Lots of power, huge soundstaging, refined and transparent. I used my PRO 500 with a tube preamp with superb results. Don't know of anything close to their price that could be an equal.

It should be noted that any quality piece of audio gear regardless of cost has to be left on for several hours to reach maximum sound quality or in some cases just to begin to start sounding engaging.