Anybody who has experice with multi arm tables??

They look like a good idea.I have a DJ Denon with a swappaple headshell right now but feel if I had more than one arm I could have stereo/mono/beater cartridges better with better mounting,allignment etc.Gues my primary question is how most of them output.Do you have more than one set of cables or are there switches on say Clearaudio,Nottingham,Acoustic Signature etc.Looking for something in the $1500-$3K list range and would appreciate any suggetsions of what to look at.Just don't think swapping headshells or srewing in armtubes is way to go but maybe I am wrong and should stay with the VPI table/arm I have.Been told by one dealer to not think about how much space my two decks are taking up and think about primary Tables sonics (I have a VPI extended).
Chazzbo, I've often used more than one tonearm, but have found that switches degrade the signal. The best so far has been a professional patch bay (Roumanis, if I recall). But better still is switching cables at the preamp's phonoinput. (Helps keeping the connections clean). Cheers,
There are no switches on the Nottinghams, just two armboards. I think that's the case with at least most two-arm tables, but i don't know for a fact. Good luck
Is it possible to acquire a stand-alone tonearm? I believe that it's possible to exersise on cheap tonearms to build an adjustable stand. In my case with Michell it's quite easy since I have a sand-alone motor and can use the motor hole for such experiment and place the motor elsewhere arround.
Ohlala is correct. I have a NA Spacearm with a Tracer #3 (MM) cartidge and an Origin Live Silver with a Grado (MC) on my Spacedeck. No switches, no exchanging connections at the preamp. My Kora Eclipse has separate phono inputs for MM and MC cartridges and I just switch between the two with the remote, when needed. It is SWEET.
That does sound pretty sweet.My pre that's coming does not have remote but hey gotta get up and change the arms (let alone the records).My two issues now that I may have to navigate on my own or through mods with Mr.Elliot will be whether to have a switch installed externally to go between the two inputs one MC with the 3 pre set and one user set impedances and the MM which my guess is fixed.Wonder if that would screw up sound.Right now you have pop top to switch.Second issue is I have been told that Elliot recommends that one idable the gain circut for better sound as he did in an SA9 for somebody who got in touch with me.But this would defeat the ability to switch from one set of gain values to another in MC input.I am hoping that I can put a resistor that will allow use of a HO MM in that one input thereby allowing say for one MM and maybe two LO carts if they match up impedance and gain wise.If I do this with adjustable MC input I could use a multi arm tabel or just keep mine and swap arm tubes.I still wonder how I could keep it all adjusted (without having to do a set up each time for allignment,VTA etc).More thoughts here on internal vs. external switch,if I could assign different values for the user designated which would be higher and swapping arm tubes on a $2800 tonearm??????
Hey 4yanx, how do you mount 2 arms on the Spacedeck? Do you have to purchase an arm mounting "pod" to replace the front foot pod? I have been thinking about doing this and haven't met anyone who has been through it. Also, do you remember what it cost you? Thanks, Chris
HifiHarv- Yes, there is a separate pad that is attached in place of the stationary leg at the left rear of the bearing support platform - where your motor and pulley now sit. The pulley is then relocated to the front left area of the support deck. I have to admit that I got mine with the turntable as a package so I am not sure how much it would cost as a separate. Audiophile Systems is the U.S. distributor for Nottingham ( I'd try them.

Specific information about Nottingham products is somewhat hard to come by and is usually as "bare bones" as the setup instruction sheet that comes with the table! :-) It is a GREAT table, though, no complaints at all. I will e-mail to you a picture of Spacedeck with two arms!