Anybody using the Opera Super Pavarotti?

My wife and I listened to a pair of these at the Stereophile show in 2001. It was the only thing there all weekend she saw that got more than a passing comment from her. (she indulges my hobby, but would be just as happy with a Bose Wave Radio). Today she mentioned them again, a full 18 months later: "what were those speakers we heard in NY? I liked the way they looked and sounded"

Anywho, anyone using them or have experience with them and care to comment about them?
Hi, There is a short report on this speaker in the September 2002 issue of Steroephile magazine.
I know about the Stereophile article from Sam's Space, I had that issue on the sofa in our family room - I suspect that's what triggered the comment from my wife... I was hoping a 'goner was using them in real life. Thanks!
I have listened to them quite extensively. For the money they are quite good. The cabnets are solid wood and outstanding. They are also very attractive. In a small room they could sound very nice provided you have decent equipment. There is very little bass. If your wife likes them that much and if they are an improvement to your current speakers than buy them. I purchased a pair of Tyler Accoustic monitors which for more money blows away the Opera's.
Unfortunately (for my wife anyway), they would be a step way down IMO. Currently using a pair of Magnepan MGIIIAs w/ modified XOs that can really sing. They would be an improvement over the pair we have in our second system in the basement, but, she never listens down there. She likes them for the WAF upstairs, but the WAF is not a factor in the basement. Thanks for the opinion!
I purchased a set about 3 weeks ago and thought that they
sounded decent hooked to a Sonic Frontiers line 1 Power 1
combo. Then I tried them in my bedroom hooked up to an
Audio Valve assistent 20 watt integrated. This is a great
piece of kit. For a few thou it is the best small room
system I have ever heard. The imaging is astounding-things
are playing outside the room, with a REL Quake (available in
January according to Sumiko)you have a pocket rocket system.
By the way the cabinetry puts almost everything out there
to shame. Agog