Anybody using the MM phonostage for PrimaLuna?

I have a PrimaLuna Diagolue Premium Integrated (not the Prologue Premium) on order, and I am wondering if the optional MM phonostage is as good or better than a sub-$500 separate phonostage.

Here is my reasoning: the better phonostages spend much of their money on better transformers and ancillary circuitry that is already built into the PL. Assuming the components on the PL MM board are high quality, and the circuit design is good, this should make for a compelling package, right?

Anybody actually compared the PL MM to other, decent phonostages?

I had it for awhile. It is not bad but not better than the Parasound zphono i had. For a low end phono stage people really love the 640P from Cambridge.

I went through about 6 phono stages till i found one that worked for me lol

zphono still have a back up
Pro-ject Tube Box SE
Bottlehead Seduction (up for sale)
Wright 200p (loved this but it dont quite work for me)
Hagerman Cornet 2 the bomb!
Another I can't help suggesting because it is so good is the Graham Slee Gram amp 2SE. It is incredible for an under $500 phono amp (MM).
It isn't tube but everything else I own is pretty much. It adds real weight to the music and will astonish you with it's frequecy response, the bass is really bass and treble really treble.... you get the picture. I love tubes but with high gain phono amps they have to be ultra quiet, which it turns out isn't easy. Ralph of Atmasphere has said that many tube phono amps use some SS amplification along the way, to be quiet enough. It's not a tubophile betrayal run it through your tube integrated and you will get the best of both worlds.