Anybody using the following combination:

ARC LS 25 pre, Bryston 7 B STs and Magneplar MG 3.6Rs? Are there any issues in using this combination? Should the Brystons be set at series or parrallel? Thanks.
why don't you just try both ways and see which you prefer?
Mejames, it's not really what I prefer; it would be what the Maggies prefer. Right now they are out of commission and I only got them Sunday night. More to the point, they never worked right as fuses started blowing after a few tracks and have kept on blowing ever since the minute the volume is set just a bit high. Everybody mentions clipping. I am trying to get a handle on whether the Brystons are, somehow, not putting out their full power because the output on the pre and the input sensitivity on the power amps are not the best match. It is not a question of aesthetics but simply of proper electrical operation. Briefly stated: I am in doodoo up to my head with these speakers. Thanks.