Anybody using Shure V15 VXMR with Linn LP12 Ittok

Has anyone had success with the V15 mounted on an LP12 with ITTOK LV II tonearm ?
I'd be curious too Weisrb as I do have an Ittok/V15VXMR combination (on an modified AR table though) and am wondering if I got it right! Do you have a more specific question? My confusion was with the overhang (is that the correct term?). A search over on the VinylAsylum gave me a figure of about .72 inches beyond the spindle which is where mine is set. I think I really need a test record to determine if I got it all right as I'm only just getting back into vinyl again after 8 years of just digital.

Your ears will tell you if you got it right. The Grado Gold I am using causes the woofers to jump wildly.