Anybody using rotel 1095 & 1066 to drive N802

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
I recently purchased a pair of N802 with no budget to upgrade anymore. just wondering anybody else using the same combo to drive the N802 and their feedbacks.
My components:
rotel 1066 pre/pro
rotel 1095 amp
rega planet 2K
rgpc 600
Hi, I used to have 802N with a Rotel 1095 and a Rotel 1098 pre. In my opinion they were a good match. However I sold them, because I moved the HT to a smaller room. Now I am using a Proceed AVP with a Musical Fidelty HT600, Bastanis speakers and two Sunfire Junior Subs. In my opinon this setup sounds more livelike. But I have to say, that it could well be the room that makes the difference, since it is better suited for listening in a audiophile way if that is possible in a HT setup than my old room.
Hope you are enjoying your system.