Anybody using Paradigm Active 40's in 2 channel?

I'm using Paradigm Active 40's in a 2 channel stereo setup. Just recently upgraded my CD player to a Cary 306/200. Now, I'm ready to upgrade my preamp. I'm currently using a Rotel RC-1070. Looking at everything from Pass solid, First Sound Presence tubes, and Cary tubes, but I'm not sure where to go. Would tubes be appropriate or should I stick with solid state? What are other Active 40/Active 20 folks using? Your help is much appreciated! Thanks
i have never heard the actives, but i have a question. are they that much better than the normal 40's? sorry i cant help.
Sammie, do you know the input impedence of the built-in amplifiers? That, along with the length of the interconnect you will need to run from the pre-amp, may rule out some pre-amp options (but maybe not).
I bought the Active 40's after hearing the normal 40's using McIntosh equipment at the dealer. The dealer had 1 pair of Actives left and wouldn't open the box for me. The 40's sounded great! And, of course after the dealer assured me that the actives sounded even better, I bought them. There's a third order crossover in each speaker feeding two amps, 50 watts to the tweater and 100 watts to the midrange and bass drivers. They are very revealing and bass extension is superb. Umm, are they better than the normal 40's? I think it would be pretty hard to tell if you had good equipment running the 40's. Reviews have indicated that the bass extension is better with the Actives.

Drubin-I'll try to find out the impedence of the amps. And post soon. I run about 3M of interconnect to each speaker.

Thanks to both of you for your responses