Anybody using Bybee DIY Quantum Purifiers?

I'm thinking about soldering in some DIY Bybee quantum purifiers into each of the AC inputs of all my audio gear. Does anybody have any experience with the sonic impact it made?

Looking for all comments from Bybee users or people who have listened to audio systems with Bybee's installed.

I am a big Bybee fan too. But I try to use them only on AC and power supply. They do wonder, if used properly.
Where is the best application of the Bybee? Digital gear, or also on amplifiers. power supply, record players etc?
In Europe Bybee are not well-known, and I am wondering if there are so much users in the states. An other "magical tweek" a serius tecnical-based product..?
Check out Bybee's website. It has a DIY section that is pretty good. I have them in all my equipment....