Anybody using Audio Advisor's Record Doctor II?

I'm in the market for a new LP cleaning machine. What are your experiences (if any) with this budget unit? Saving over 200.00 from the cost a VPI could be put into more vinyl if it does a decent job of cleaning.
It works fine. A friend of mine has one and I have the very similr Nitty Gritty 1.0. You do have to apply the fluid and turn the discs manually, but I don't find that a disadvantage.
It works for me. I've never used the VPI, but I'm happy with the Disc Doctor for $199.
I have had one for 10+ years.I made a nice dust cover for it with deep oak picture frame moulding and plexiglass. The thing is excellent. I have never used the expensive machines but I can't see how they could be more effective.Of course a good record cleaning solution is key though. Happy tic and pop free listening.
I think it was in 1989 when I got my Record Doctor, the wife surprised me with it for my birthday. It still "SUCKS" very well!
Find an old vacuum cleaner and build your own for less than $50 if your handy. I still use the VPI brushes and cleaners, those do the real work anyway.
I own one and am very pleased with its performance. In conjunction with the Disc Doctor cleaning products you have the tools and the talent to properly clean your vinyl collection!
My RDII was delivered the other day, and I must admit, it works as good or better than advertised. I have been able to render some of my grungiest LP's clean and playable again. I also ordered several hundred new sleeves. As I clean them, I replace the sleeves. AA included 2 16 oz. bottles of cleaner and free shipping! Anyone sitting on the fence over this, 199.00 gets you the Record Doctor, 2 bottles of fluid (32 oz), delivered.
I bought one used, about 3 years old, and it stills works great a year later. I've cleaned my entire collection by now--about 600 LPs--and I'm astonished by the improvement on some records that were previously cleaned with an Orbitrac or Discwasher D2.

Surace noise was reduced to levels that, I think, sound better than new. Of course, a beat-up record can't be helped. But there were more than a few LPs that I cleaned with an Orbitrac and abandoned, thinking they were shot. Then I cleaned them with the RDII, and they were playable and even enjoyable. Sure, it's a pain to turn the record by hand, but for the price, who cares?

This thing is tough-as-nails and lasts a long time. Try it with Tourmat RCM fluid from Music Direct and the Disc Doctor brushes, which are a 300% improvement over the brush they give you. Buy an extra pack of Vac-Sweeps and you should be good for a decade or longer.
i used one for years on a low level basis and the fan impellers self destructed. they want $100 for repair. screwthem, my next expenditure will be for a vpi, much more robust.