Anybody using a Marantz PM-11s1

Curious to if anybody is using this and with what speakers?
How does it sound?
I had the PM11s1 for about a year. Beautiful sounding amp. Built like a tank. I used it with B&W Nautilus 805 Signatures. Then I used it with my current speakers the Ref 3.1ce Kharmas. The amp never sounded bright or forward. It's one amp that I missed after it was gone. It's a screaming deal right now on the GoN.
this is one of the most under-rated marantz products.have had jc-1s,c.j using with sa-1cd,gallo3,proac 2,5 and vandy 5's.if you can get one for under 2000,buy.
I love my 15s1...these units are way under rated, IMO.
I have PM 11S2, beautiful peace of equipment, very flexible with 2 pair of speaker outputs, bass/treble control, great remote that controls my cd player too. The sound is a bit on a mellow side, great match for a lot of speakers out there.