Anybody using a Holo Audio Spring Dac with a transport?

This R2R DAC appears to be an absolute bargain, though I am not up to speed on the benefits of R2R over dac chip sets. However, without this level of DAC how can we/I know how good our/my system is? 

I subscribe to a few Class D amp threads here, and we're all trying to determine how good current class D is to current class A, AB, tube

Myself, I have a Audio Alchemy DPA-1 and a DDP-1 with PS 5. To my ears it is not missing much when the CD is well recorded, but this pre-amp DAC and PSU MSRP was a mere $2600.Shouldn't the HOlo Audio Spring dac blow it away? 

I haven't looked yet, but hopefully the DDP-1 has digital input so that I can bypass the internal dac one day
This just came inot my email:

Conclusion: Build quality wise there is nothing to complain about, it is sturdy as a tank and built to last. Maybe a silver anodized color option should also be offered in the future.I did enjoy my time with Denafrips Ares as it shown me the darker side of the moon. Not all digital sources are sounding the same, some are literally on the opposite side of things. If you can’t stand harsh and edgy sounding audio sources you got to try a R-2R ladder DAC.Love your LPs and hate your CDs? I hear you loud and clear and I think this one might change your opinion on digital sources.Denafrips Ares can be ...$1028, but not sure that USD

I think OCD HiFi Guy did a video where this was included. If it is, it didn’t sound too good compared to the other DACs he used in the shoot out

Yep but it was the Ares, not the Ares 2, didn’t do anything for me

But he also compared te $4500 Terminator which sounded vg, but way pit of my reach

I am using Jay's cdt 2 mk.II  with the Holo Audio Spring 2 DAC (KTE Edition). It is a great combination. The big difference is connecting them with I2s cable. The sound is very detailed, transparent, 3D, huge soundstage and most importantly highly musical. Highly recommended.


what did you replace prior the Holo and the Jays?

I agree that if/when possible,  I2s will be the best connection