Anybody used Nikko amps before?

Hi, I would like to know if anybody here ever used Nikko amps and pre amps? If so, how would you classified its quality and sound? Does is stand up to todays electronics? The reason for my question is because there aren't to much info out there. What I do know is Nikko is no longer made. Thanks for your concern and happy listening. :)
Yes, I used a Alpha IV(?) for over 20 years. It is the one Nikko product that was really special. 360 watts RMS on the weak channel, and could handle low impedance loads without a problem. The other lower power amps from Nikko just did not sound as good. I picked it over a early Bedini amp but the sound of the two were very similar. The preamps were nothing super special and the tuners were fine but not the last word. I still have the tuner and my brother still uses the amp with his Maggie 3.6R's.
I have used Alpha 230, and regretably sold it couple of weeks ago! Very smooth amp, and i cannot believe that any current models would be that much better considering the prices of the new gear. Mating it with nice pre-amp (not familiar with Nikko pre) would probably give you long term satisfaction!
The Nikko amps & receivers that I am familiar with, were entry level, mid-fi solid state components from the 70's that were marketed as bargain components that performed above their price. The Nikkos were heavily pushed by stereo chains, like Tech Hi Fi. As vintage solid state components from the 70's go, I would place the Nikkos below the Marantz 22XX series, Yamaha CT series, Pioneer SX series, and Sherwood 7XXX series. The Nikkos were more on par with offerings from Hitachi, Scott, and Fisher Studio Standard. They were OK components for the price. I am certain that their performance would be easily equaled by similar products today (i.e.: Harman Kardon 3375). Regards, Rich
Thanks for the responses. Rar1, so your saying the Nikko is not up to NAD, Adcom, etc. in sound or quality.
Unless we are talking TOTL Nikko (which I have no experience with), then in today's entry level market, you will do better with NAD (like the 320BEE), Audiosource (Amp 2), SONY ES, Adcom (not too familiar with recent offerings, but I still own a 545/500II set-up since 1989), Harman Kardon (fan of their 3375 receiver). As for a vintage set-up, I would look to Marantz 22XX series (like 2230 or 2270) or Pioneer SX series. In the entry to mid level arena, I thought that Nikko was OK, but just OK. I own 2 vintage receivers (Marantz #'s 2216B and 2240)and in their niche, they would be hard to beat for all-round FM/AMP performance ... warm, detailed, sweet sound.

Highend64 ... are you looking to set-up a vintage based system? If so, what I found that works best is to focus on what were the best brands from the era and look to acquire an item from those brands. There is a lot of mediocre old equipment out there being touted as vintage collectables. Regards, Rich
Rich, first i doubt that you have listened Nikko made in 80's like the Alpha line?! Marantz you mentioned is nice, but for what price? For $150, i doubt you can find smoother sounding amp from that era!
Eldragon ... you're right. But ... kindly re-read both of my posts. I stated very clearly the extent of my Nikko experience ... model lines from the 70's and entry level components. Also, Highend64 did not mention any particular Nikko model line, so he may/may not be referring to the Alpha line. If the Alpha line from the 80's is good and worth acquiring, that's fine. But , if we are talking components from the 70's, Marantz components (amongst others) really do outshine Nikko components from that same time period. As an aside, by the 80's, most Marantz components had arguably declined in quality from the Marantz components of the 70's. Regards, Rich
The Model I have is a Nikko NA-690 Intergrated Amplifier. Thank you.
Sorry, I'm [email protected] I accidently put my email.
If it helps any, you can contact a.g. tannenbaum ( They sell a copy of the service manual for the NA-690 for $17. You may also wish to search through the Audio Asylum forums. Opinions on Nikko (Vintage, General, and Amp Asylums) are all over the place (they run hot/cold). Also, I noticed in your system listing, you were pretty high on the Nikko. Has anything occurred to change that opinion(or is it just the general insanity that grips us all)? Regards, Rich
Thanks Rar1. I don't know what you meant by pretty high. I like my Nikko.
You sounded like you were very pleased with the Nikko in your system listing (pretty high or big fan would be other terms that I would use). I was just not sure if your questions about the Nikko, were because you were thinking about replacing it or you were curious about its heritage. Regards, Rich
Rar1, I do like the Nikko amp. Its one of the SS that I heard that does sound harsh and edgy. I just don't see anybody using Nikko and if they do, no one has mention the performance, quality, and sound. That is what I was refering. Thanks
I use a Nikko 6257 Solid State amplifier. It's been going for 33 years. I built my own speakers using three Keff drivers.
I now whish to replace the amp and speakers. Any suggestions? I wish to better the performance.
We need more information about your system and room size. What is it that your looking for as far as seperates or integrated? Thanks
i bought a nikko alpha 440 a twenty years ago(more or less) and it is still working now!!!
it sounds like a krell or a mac intosh or an australian monitor aswell!!

it s a very good amp, strong, powerful, heavy duty amp..i allways load in under 4 ohms with four 8 ohms loudspeakers of 200watts r;m;s; each in a parallel wiring. two speakers by channel.

it has never been broken sincei bought it. i use it for disco applications of public adress.

but sincea few week? it begins to work less beter.

please be so kind to let me know how to get a technical map of it or a wiring map .

that way i ll be able to repair it by myself.

meanwhile if you know somewere i can get such maps? please let me know them..

[email protected]

Stay away from Nikko. Low end garbage, trying to compete with real pro audio equipment!!!!! Stick with QSC, CROWN, PEAVEY, CREST, things of that nature. More money, but more reliable. Less likely to break down under heavey use!!! Remember you pay for what you get. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!!! Just remember the store you buy your amp from is in business to make money. Also a name brand company has a reputation to keep up. If they start making garbage, then who will buy it and they will soon be out of business!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay away from Nikko. Low end garbage, trying to compete with real pro audio equipment!!!!! Stick with QSC, CROWN, PEAVEY, CREST, things of that nature. More money, but more reliable. Less likely to break down under heavey use!!! Remember you pay for what you get. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!!! Just remember the store you buy your amp from is in business to make money. Also a name brand company has a reputation to keep up. If they start making garbage, then who will buy it and they will soon be out of business!!!!!!!!!!! If they stop making it don't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, Nikko is not pro audio and second of all, Nikko is not garbage. A manuafacturer that went out of business dosen't necessarily mean that the production of products is garbage. It can be numerous things but usually would be financial problems. After said that, Nikko amps were built to last and having to own a Nikko myself, it had show me. The components in the amplifier were all stock and original and still sounded as if it were new. This goes to show you that components were built with quality.
The 70's Nikko home audio stuff was pretty decent. Not outstanding, but decent. To expect the "absolute sound" from these pieces would be ludicrous, they were never marketed that way. For what I've seen on ebay (with a few exceptions) the Nikkos are a bargain when you can find them. Sound is so subjective anyway (if so-called audiophiles had any idea how the original signal gets mangled by even the best recording consoles, they would not be so condescending and snobbish). I owned an Alpha/Beta/Gamma stack in the late 70's and I got what I paid for. Very reliable product for the most part. If the price seems right, buy it. Some of the brands I have seen touted on the Internet from this era were highly unreliable. This goes for the "high-end" as well. It always pays to visit your local long-established Audio Store if you have one and ask the techs about what they think of the equipment's reliability. Fisher and Sanyo merged at one point for goodness sake, does that tell you anything? By the way I have over 28 years of audio recording, audio sales, and general hi-fi neurosis to my credit.
Steve, that is great that you are familiar with signal tracing in audio recording. I am also familiar with signal tracing and mixing. In fact, I have run mixing boards with a sound company for 3 years and work in performing arts theatre as an A/V tech and stage tech.
Yes, Nikko are very reliable and I agree with you. It was built to withstand abuse and why wouldn't it be. In fact, it was built during the rock n roll era, HEHE. :)
I have a Nikko NA-70011 DC intergrated amplifier I do not know the wattage but it does have a kick even when loaded to 4 ohms. If any one can give me any info on this please email me on [email protected]
Don't think that I agree with adrianbacon2. I've had a Nikko NA 2090 scince 1983. It happily runs a set of Series 2 Bose 601's and a Thorens turntable. I listen to most forms of Rock music (loudly) and the occasional classical piece. Sounds good to me, and it's been reliable. The only gripe that I've had is with the volume control. It got a bit scratchy. I had it replaced a few years ago. The Volume and Loudness are tied together so as the volume goes above 5, the loudness drops off to protect your speakers. Circuit diagrams are available from or
It's good for turntables as the phono pre amp can do MC or MM catridges. I'm looking at replaceing it with a HT amp. Probably a HK. Will keep it to run a third or fourth zone.
During my saerch for HT systems, I've listened to Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Marantz and HK. The HK blew me away but I thought my amp was at least an audio match to all of these amps. One bonus. Its descrete amplification so if a channel blows you should be able to replace the blown bits with off the shelf components.
Thanks for the responses. I really miss my Nikko amp. At 45wpc, the amp sounded good with a pair of Titans. The only Nikko I have is there tuner, NT-890.
Nikko was origioally a component supplier for whos who of Japanese audio companies. In otherwords they made the various switches, pots, transistors, meters andwhatnots that went into Pioneer, Marantz, Fisher, JVC, Kenwood, Sherwood and others. They decided after a while to build units themselves. I think they are one of the most underrated stereo brands in history. In the early 70's I worked for a stereo chain in the Northwest. They sold mostly mid and high end stuff. I could not afford to buy any of it . I went out and bought a Nikko. I had some of the sales and repair people listen to it. They all agreed it was as good or better than all the stuff they were selling with the exception of McIntosh.
yes, a beautiful workhorse of an amp Been in constant use for 18 years. It is an alpha 230. tolerates low imp. loads very well.
I have a NIKKO ALPHA 400, a very old amplifier and its broken. It's not possible to fix this amplifier without a schematic, can somebody help me?? and send me the service manual or the schematic. PLEASE !!!
I have 3 Nikko pieces. An Alpha 650 amp- (410 watts/ch. @ 8 ohms), a Beta 30 Preamp, an a Gamma 30 tuner. I was a DJ and owned crown, Peavey- Awful amp!!!

I still fire up the Alpha 650 and it still shakes the house. Balls plus. I am thinking of selling all 3 pieces. I have all manuals, a shop manual to work on the Alpha 650 amp, and the original receipts.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, write back. I know you get what you pay for, but this amp cost over $1400.00 new and is a power house.
Go on Ebay- click on Nikko amps- I found a shop manual from a place called [email protected] Seller is called techman777 Good luck.
Firstly, I'm absolutely no expert. I'm a "fledgling" audiophile at best who has taken a liking to older 70's and 80's gear. Once I bought my Sansui Quad QX4500, the "sickness" hit me and I've spent the last few years building a monster cool, midrange quad system with the intension of having surround for movies and plenty of balls to push my big Fisher (15" woofers) and my system of eight speakers and sub when I want to shake the rafters. I own only one Quad album and have never been that serious about perfect, true Quadraphonic sound. Just love the Quad emulation modes and the ability to connect eight speakers.

So, I may not be as savvy as you "adrianbacon", but I can tell you that you are WAY OFF when it comes to Nikko. Of course, every manufacturer has it's "reputation", but that doesn't mean that at least a few of it's products don't shine, no matter how it may be viewed by the general public.

Even Phase Linear, which has been the butt of "Flame Linear" type of jokes for years, has some great vintage gems in it's line-up. So, to make a blanket statement that ALL NIkko is garbage is just plain WRONG. Do you have any experience at all with Nikko? If so, I can't believe you would make this blanket statement.

Specifically for me, my experience revolves around an older Nikko 1200 Module Stereo Pre-amp amplifier. Kinda rare. I was using a well respected Dyanco Pat-4 as my pre to help drive the big array of speakers in my "surround" system. But I found a "never used" Nikko 1200 and bought it. It was absolutely new and has a solid build quality. And you know, when I replaced the Dynaco with that Nikko, my system came alive!

Not to say the Dynaco is at all bad, but this Nikko gave me loads of new power and the clarity, warmth and headroom that I was looking for. It also has a really solid build quality and decent features, yes, albeit mid range gear, it seems that AT LEAST SOME Nikko pieces were engineered with great care. Unless you have experienced a few of their gems, I doubt you would rate Nikko very highly, but don't talk out of school. This one is by far one of my favorite pieces of KIT EVER!

Recently, I found the matching tuner and bought it. It has the weighted tuner knob and nice display, and again, although not considered more than mid-level, this tuner has above average build. Plus, design on some of this decades' Nikko offerings includes some cool toggle switches and rumble/noise filters that seem to be of a bit higher than average design/engineering. Certainly, inventive design at the least!

I wouldn't scoff at Nikko at all. AND, I would highly recommend the 1200 if you can find one!
I own a Nikko NA-2000 I bought it for $60 from a friend. The sound quality is pretty good in you have good quality speakers. Remember sound quality has 70% to do with your amp and 30% speakers. I've had it for 2 years and it still sounds like new, nothing has every been replaced as far as I now. I have it powering two tower speakers with 10 inch subs 400 watt 4ohm. Really delivers deep bass freqency.

I've owned many 1980's era rack amps, and the nikko has to be one of the best. I suggest running a cooling fan to prevent meltdowns.

Does anybody now if nikko amps have a cooling system because mine runs really hot and doesn't seem to cool down
nikko,what can i say, probably the best thing to come out of japan since godzilla, ha-ha. no seriously very hi end stuff very reliable, all of my home stereo except c/d changer is nikko and 20 plus years old. i have 2 alpha 450 and 4 alpha 230 amps beta 50,atd-1, eq, tuner. feel 10x30 room shaking at 2 watts- channel range,when i open it up little pieces of the loose plaster falls out of cieling . but there are a lot of people out there that will slam it and thats fine by me.......more used stuff for me .
I have a Nikko STA-7070 in perfect condition but I never use it. I have had it since the 70's
Hi i have had a Niko Alpha2 amp, Betta2 pre amp, EQ1 and even the 450 am/fm tuner for 25 years. It has been trouble free with many long hard driving nights on this set up. (and i mean hard continous use!) It powered a set of Sound Dynamics S15 speakers (15 inch woffers) as well as a set of Polks. It still has a smooth crisp sound and response. the amp weighs 30lbs with a continous power output of 110 watts per channel. Say what you want gentelman this equipment was not the top of the line but it most deffinetly in my opinion and useage was not the bottom but middle or better of the line up. What do you know i even have the manuals for all this stuff as well as the Mitsubishi 6 foot high stereo cabnet with storage for LP's? Did i say LP's?
i own the nikko beta-30 preamp, the graphic eq500 and the stereo tuner and the nikko alpha-230
it pumps 250 w per channel useing 4ohm speakers and it works great . the speakers i use are MTS 2200 which make this sytem sing . and i got it all for 20$ ( at the local thrift store) (EXCEPTH THE SPEAKERS) ive pushed it hard and heard no distortion . who evers says the amp sound like crap doesnt know about sound quality and not to blast their source into the preamp . or just do not know the physics of sound to adjust the eq to a realist value. so Nikko amps i reccommed
and they are way better than dirty peavy (w/ exception to their tube amps)
I recently purchased a Nikko Alpha II, EQ 1, and Gamma 20...I have always wanted them from the early 80's. I am very happy with them. They sound just as good as my Sansui BA 3000, CA3000, TU9900 setup. Only problem I have is I don't know how to set the clock on the Gamma 20 (no manual)...any help would be appreciated.
I used to own The Alpha 230, Beta 30 and Gamma 30. I got them when I was 17 years old, they were brand new. My father bought them for me for my birthday. It is a day I will never forget. I remember getting them home, opening the car trunk and sitting in the driveway, opening up the boxes, because I was sooo exceited I cound't even get into the house to open them. I had them for about 12 years, then one day, while pumping out George Thoroughood's "Bad To The Bone" on my Cerwin-Vega AT-15's at peak, (nothing better than a Vega/Nikko combonation), the Alpha 230 actually caught fire, and died. It was later discovered inside the housing that a coin had fallen through the heat venting and shorted out a cap. Anyway, fast forward to 2007, still have my Beta and Gamma 30's, always on the lookout for an Alpha 230/450 or 650.

Good Ole' Nikko!
I have 2 Alpha 450's with a BTL1 bridging unit. The BTL1 allows me to run each amp in mono. I have 3 other Alpha 450's that are broken and will be repaired to completely run my whole home theater with.
I have a Beta 20 preamp, a Beta 30 Preamp, 2 EQ1's, a Gamma 30 Tuner and an Apha II amp on the way. Nikko made some very good component systems. They have a warm, natural sound that I find it difficult to reproduce with more modern equipment. The other reason i like Nikko is less tangible; the controls just have a solid, well-made feel to them, not like Some more expensive brands. Very nice, very durable equipment. Great sound, low distortion, decent price.
What do you guys think of the Nikko 130 coupled with the Beta 30 pre-amp

I picked up a pair of Cerwin Vega CLSC 12's (Tower Speakers and needed something to power those.

They are rated at 150rms @ 8 ohms,

I listen to mostly rap and every home theater receiver i tried out there doesnt push these speakers to well.

Someone told me to get a power amp...

what do you guys think?
I've had the Nikko NA-690 for ages now. Having already pursued the high end and home theater ad nauseum for some time, I can without reservation vouch in this case for the amp's reliabiltiy and sound; it plays like it did when new and has the clarity, warmth and headroom mentioned in prior posts. Sure it's mid-fi strictly speaking, but represents everything good about the genre/era and yes, sounds robust and vibrant after all this time. Right now it's connected to a Philips 963SA DVD/CD/SACD player and kicking tail through it's generous headphone output. Also sound good with Rega 25 and Shure V15VxMR using it's MM phono amp. Power belies modest rating, runs great in family room. Unless it's been abused, recommended especially at the used prices it goes for.
I have a Nikko NA 790 and it is not working. We have it hooked up to our PowerMac G4 (using iTunes) and Bose Acoustimass 3 series IV but for some reason, we are not getting any sound out. We are using a standard RCA to mini cable. This is really frustrating. And unless we can resolve this issue, the almighty Nikko is headed straight to the curb. I am a total novice, so any advice in layman's terms would be hugely appreciated.
I just picked up a nice Nikko Alpha III power amp for next to nothing, and I have to say it's a great little amp. It sounds pretty clean / distortion free and the clipping protection circuit seems to work very effectivley. I'm an Adcom / NAD / Pioneer / Marantz fan, but I have to say that the Nikko holds its own quite nicely. It's 80 wpc is a little too small for the power hungry vintage AR speakers I'm driving with it, but it is clean right up to the max output, and the protection shuts it down right when it should. It's the first Nikko power amp I've ever had (I had one of their analog tuners once that was pretty decent and an integrated receiver that was only so-so) and for the money it's a decent amp - I would've paid more than I did for it if the seller had asked. Super nice build quality, and looks like it has a seperate power supply for left and right channels (ala Adcom GFA-2). Probably best suited for ported or smaller bookshelf speakers, or great for the fronts on a surround system but DEFINATELY NOT GARBAGE!!
I owned the Nikko Alpha 230, Alpha 450 and 330 watt-per-channel Alpha 2000 between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s, as well as the Beta 30 and Beta 600 preamps. The amps were much better than the preamps, having a smooth, sweet sound. In the mid-'90s when I was looking to upgrade my system to something with a little more detail and transparency, I pitted the Alpha 2000 against a number of high end amps and the Nikko held its own. It eventually took a Classé amp costing more than twice that of the Alpha 2000 to better it. Inspite of that, since that time I have been collecting and restoring vintage amps and am sorry that I ever got rid of that Alpha 2000.
Just stumbled across this thread while trying to find some info on a 230 amp for sale locally. What would you guys say would a be a good price of a used 230? There's a guy here selling a 230 amp, and some Nikko pre-amp and equalizer (can't make out the model in the pics) asking $270 can for the lot...

The GF's got me on watch for PA equipment for her soon to be dance studio.

Wow, I thought I was the only one still holding on to Nikko gear!

funknoobiest, that sounds like a fair price for all three pieces. The old Nikko gear is well-built, and was used by DJ's and the like during the 70's and 80's. I still have three pieces; power amp, pre and tuner, all which still work like it did 20 years ago. However, the sound, to me, is just okay. It was more about power than refinement.

If I recall, the gear cost between $200 and $300 per unit, so to get all three for under $300 is probably a good deal.
Does anybody have the service manual for the Nikko Alpha 450? Will the manual for the 440 work? If you have it please email it to me
I recently picked up the Nikko Alpha II from Goodwill. It was unbelievably cheap (Of course people at Goodwill , but I wasn't sure it was working because it looked pretty beat up. I thought at least the chassis and Heatsink would be worth it.

What do you know.... it starts right up, and does not hiss / frickle / hum. Beautiful sounding gear indeed.

I may replace the power supply capacitors (just because it's old) and it'll be as new!
I currently am using the Nikko 230 power amp, with an Adcom preamp. The amp is probably over 20 years old at least and I have never had a problem with it. I currently purchased a pair of Bose 201 and the sound quality is great. In the past I used the Nikko amp as the center piece of my surround sound, it would power my front speakers. My current configurations is such; nikko power amp that powers my two front speakers (bose), I have an Adcom surround sound processor from the 90's that decodes only dolby pro logic and it power my 2 surround speakers (PSB bookshelf)and my center channel (JBL). I am looked to add a sub woofer in the near future. Hope this helps.
>currently am using the Nikko 230 power amp, with an Adcom preamp. The amp is probably over 20 years old at least and I have never had a problem with it. I currently purchased a pair of Bose 201 and the sound quality is great. In the past I used the Nikko amp as the center piece of my surround sound, it would power my front speakers. My current configurations is such; nikko power amp that powers my two front speakers (bose), I have an Adcom surround sound processor from the 90's that decodes only dolby pro logic and it power my 2 surround speakers (PSB bookshelf)and my center channel (JBL). <

I hope you are only using this setup for the occasional movie. I can't imagine what it sounds like when trying to reproduce music.