anybody used Crystal Clear Audio interconnect

just wondering anybody used the master series of Crystal clear Audio interconnect before.

I have 8 of the master interconnects, they're great. Audtioned many others and prefer them over other silver cables like kimberly selects, Marigo ect. I also have 3 powerchords and 3 speaker cables from Mel at Crystal Clear audio. All top notch construction, pure silver as advertised and sound great.
Mumbles,i also have apair of speaker and power cord.they sound really good.that why i am thinking to buy interconnect.
All silver cables from stem to stern may be too bright for some setups. Works for me, probably cause of the tube pre/amp and ribbon tweeters. I do like the sound of copper somewhere in the mix tho, either speaker cable or powerchord. I will keep the silver interconnects, I need many and you can't beat the quality/price ratio Mel offers. They really do compare to much more expensive cables.
The Xhadow XLR connectors that newer master series balanced interconnects use are probably the best XLR connectors on the market right now. These are also used by ultra expensive Stealth cables.
Plutos,how much do paid for the XHADOW XLR CABLE?

Mazad6, As far as I know there are no Xhadow cables available. They make only connectors. I have a pair of DIY silver cables with Xhadow connectors.
In Vampire Wire homepage you can find the pricing for Xhadow Precision XLR connectors. These go for $165 per pair so it will be $330 per cable pair.