Anybody use tubes in their ht system?

I have tubes in my preamp, seems to sound more tuney and vibrant.

Avr tubes are not done. Maybe they should?

My answer is yes, I  do have a tube preamp, with one of its inputs being from the front speakers on my pre-pro. My stereo speakers are powered by a tube amp and works well. 
I did at one point- three ARC amps, two stereo, one mono, plus other amps for subs. Unnecessary in my estimation. Generates heat. But audio in film or tv (as opposed to a soundtrack album) isn't really purist stuff- it's a mishmash of sounds, dialog, effects, etc. I eventually switched to some large solid state stuff. At the point I was really engaged in theatre, there was a "high end" and there still is, to a much smaller degree, but perhaps I've gotten less critical. There used to be a multitude of high end pre-pros for home theatre; now it seems to be more box store stuff. I'm sure you can invest heavily in home theatre gear- I simply chose to get away from big projection, theatre like setting in the home and maintain a small, very effective presentation via a 4k OLED and smaller surround sound system with solid state amps and pre-pro. I largely stream tv series, and don't even bother with Blu Ray or hi-rez discs. Perhaps others take a different approach. Be interested to see the responses--
I remember only one company that made a tube based HT preamp/processor.  I can't remember the exact model and google doesn't show any results, but I'm pretty sure it was made by Audio Design Associates (ADA).  I remember seeing pictures of it in magazine ads as well as website.  This was in the early 2000's (probably around 2001-2005).  I don't remember anyone actually having it and I have no idea if they sold any at all.  The product picture showed about 5-6 tubes lit up inside, probably 12ax7 tubes for audio stage.

Coincidentally, ADA was probably the earliest implementation of Trinnov room correction system.  They don't exist anymore, lol.
Nice find @oldhvymec, but jumia/op won’t find it useful due to no remote or options to change input sources with the remote. He’s already bashed VAC on this. There are good reasons that Kevin doesn’t implement it btw. OP has torn down VTL on customer service and was last considering a CJ to replace his Schiit to pass through his Marantz AVR.

As for me, I pass through the main channels of my Theta CB IVa through a VAC preamp. I’m receiving my Master today. It’s not the color I wanted, but Kevin Hayes is a true gentleman who gave me several options to replace the faceplate. Yes I’m the guy who bought the Master listed on USAM about 1.5 weeks ago.

Did mom give you the $25k yet for that tubed linestage? You can save a lot with the decware or just buy used.