Anybody use Running Springs Audio Conditioners?

Do any of you GON members use in your home rig the power conditioner(s) that is manufactured by Running Springs Audio?

There has been a few excellent reviews on these power conditioners, but I take reviews with a large, "grain of salt" and trust much more what fellow audiophiles experience/hear when finding about new pieces of gear.

If, any of you have their product in your system, I would greatly appreciate if you would share your opinion regarding their performance and what gear is in your system so I can gain if their is more synergy with tubes vs. solid state.

I'm thinking of setting up a home audition, the only way to really know if you like something in your system, but thought if anybody has tried the Running Springs Audio gear they could give me a heads-up before I make final arrangements. Thanks to anybody who can provide information and is willing to share.
Teajay, I am curious about the Running Springs Audio conditioners as well. Do you know if it's balanced power? I am trying out in my system right now a Blue Circle MR800 balanced power conditioner. I need the unit only for the source. So far I found it to expand the soundstage a little both width and depth and it provides a little more air around instruments, little more detail in the bass. My resident line conditioners are two Shunyata Hydra2 units. I live in the apt building and the power is crap here. Besides, I found my cd player to be very sensitive to power quality and flactuations. Even more so than my pre-amp and amp. I tried plugging in my ARC LS-15 tube pre into the MR800 and I like it better plugged into the Hydra2, although it didn't sound bad in the MR800, just sounds fuller with the Hydra2. May be because the pre-amp's power supply regulates power better than the CD player...don't know, but that's the case. If you try out one of the Running Springs, I would appreciate if you share your thoughts. thanks...
I tried them and bought them. They are terrific and easily the most cost effective upgrade I have ever made. I tried the Tara (excellent but compressed dynamics in my system) and Monster Cable (these degraded pretty much everything in my system). Improvements with RSA are dynamics, less grain, better three dimensionality, and overall more lifelike. I use a 20 amp conditioner for the power amp and another for pre, dac, and source components. Be sure to give them plenty of break in time, or they can produce a "tubby" midbass before full break in - at least in my system and in another system similar to mine.
i'll second ken's findings....

i tried the "jacko" a couple of weeks ago , on a whim , and never looked back. the sound just opened up, with even greater details and resulotion then i had before.
incidently , my faroudja plasma's settings needed to be adjusted, as the picture became brighter and alot more vivid.
i ended up ordering a second "jacko" ,for the ht side of my system, and awaiting a pair of "dukes" for my mbl amps.

they are clearly one of the better plc out there, inho.
Thanks Guy's for your feedback/posts, I'm getting a Jaco delivered tomorrow morning for a ten day audition period. I'm excited to hear what it will do in my system.

I'll let you all know what I discovered either with more on this thread or a formal review later on, if its a keeper.

Thanks again, for the information you provided.
I have the Haley and agree with the others who have posted their experience with the RSA line (non-balanaced power). I have a Cardas Golden pc with the Haley, but will probably upgrade to the RSA/Cardas Mongoose. I'm also tempted to get a Duke for my amp. The new Duke 2 model is supposedly very good. Believe it or not, I'm using a variac from the wall, then to a PS Audio HC/UO, then my amp. Even though the amp is solid state, the variac stabilizes the voltage at 120V. I have noticed a difference here in power challenged SoCal. I'm wondering what the Duke might do that would allow me to consolidate this a bit.
How much difference does the Mongoose cord make over the stock cord?
I too have the Jaco. I've never owned another conditioner so can't compare, but feel it's made a dramatic improvement to my system. I'm running my cd, preamp and amp through the unit. I've been meaning to try running the amp directly to the dedicated wall outlet to compare, but I'm so happy with the sound I haven't gotten around to it. Teajay, they do take some time to break in-hope it works for you. Also, I'd be interested if anyone can answer kmiller5's question (above).
Well, I don't know how much difference the Mongoose makes, but I tried a VH audio flavor 4 and the sound improved quite a bit.
Well, I finally tried a Cardas Mongoose cable. While it is better than the stock cord, it in certainly not unbeatable. For roughly the same price, one can purchase a Pranawire Kensho cord which will be much smoother/dynamic/relaxed in presentation.
Nice power conditioners....I have a Jaco and Duke. However, the Shunyata V-ray is better for classical and detailed music. Huge midrange-treble...The Duke and Jaco put out much more bass but lack in detail....They all have a place. None are perfect...