Anybody use a turntable w/ Meridian digital gear?

I have an all-digital Meridian sound system. It does my home theater as well as two-channel music listening. My AV processor is the G68ADV model and I have 5200 active speakers. Anyway, I got the vinyl bug recently and I'm wondering if I will be disappointed in how a nice turntable will sound will all this digital gear. Anybody have advice?
It convers all analog inputs to 16/44.1 then up samples to 24/88.2 if you set it to hi output. It will sound the same as playing a CD. Why bother.
Assuming Hevac1's description of the G68ADV is correct, playing vinyl through it should give you the worst of all possible worlds: most of vinyl's distortions without most of its musical information.

When playing analog sources this processor apparently begins by discarding copious amounts of information. Then it optionally reinserts some of it by guessing at what once might have been there. This reminds me of the restaurant that ran out of roast chickens and served slices of tofu instead, with chicken gravy. Let's assume the system reproduces whatever results from these peculiar or even innane proceedings very accurately.

Now consider this vital question: should you buy a high end vinyl rig or a low end one (whatever those terms might mean to you in terms of budget)?

In favor of a high end rig:
High end rigs distort less. The processor will reproduce vinyl playback distortions quite accurately enough for you to hear, so a low end rig might sound unpleasant.

In favor of a low level rig:
High end rigs also reproduce far more musical information, but the processor will discard most of it so why spend money for information you'll never hear?

With this processor the simple question of which rig to buy results in a paradox. As Hevac1 said...