Anybody upgrade their Zu Omen DWs to Souls?

I'm looking at my options to use the full trade in value of Omen DWs towards something higher in the Zu lineup. From where my finances sit, the model that makes most sense is the Soul. I'm wondering just how and how much different they would be from what I have. It's a little less clear cut since my ODWs have the drivers from the 08 Druids, not the current models. My amplification is a Audio Nirvana 6V6 (12 watts) which drives the ODWs with impunity. My musical taste is diverse.  Thanks for any insight.
I just order DWs and I was hoping to upgrade to the same speaker eventually.  In addition to the sound, it would be very interesting to know if your amp would work just as well with the Souls or another speaker.  It may be worth it to just call Sean and ask his opinion.  Every time that I have called, he answers the phone himself and is a very nice man to speak to.  Please report back if you figure anything out.  I am very interesting in hearing what you learn.
I'm betting my amp will work with the Souls. I really don't want to trigger the need to change it to suit the new speaker. I've corresponded with them about the upgrade logistics and it's about as good a situation as you could ask for. They don't credit you with your trade until they receive/inspect them so it's entirely your decision when to send them back. If you can make the finances work, you can keep the ones your trading while you audition the new speakers (also carrying the 60 day trial period). If the new ones aren't working for you, keep the trades and send 'em back. Can't beat that.
I'm sorry that I can't offer more advice.  Please, keep us update on what you discover between the two or please PM me.  I'm in practically the same boat.  Thank you.