anybody upgrade from Dynaudio Special 40 to Heritage Special?

just acquired the 40's, loving them!

wondering if the Heritage Specials will give me more of the same or is the sound profile so different that I may not like them?

thanks in advance





Keep the 40’s IMO the heritage are not worth the price to upgrade. I traded my 40’s for the heritage and I am thinking of selling and buying another pair of 40’s. I am using a passlabs 250, so it’s not an amp issue. I will say, the heritage is more transparent than the 40. In my room the 40 has a much puncher and impactful bass, that I miss. The Heritage is also ruthless to the source. Besides the Transparency the heritage has a much large soundstage then 40. 

`Mark On HiFi` is a youtuber who has spent a lot of time with three Dynaudios, the C1, Heritage Special, and the Special 40. He has videos comparing them. The C1 were were long term speakers, he tried the 40s, and ended up Heritage Special.

I enjoy his take and it’s an enjoyable watch for me:

Heritage Special vs C1:

Dynaudio C1 vs Special 40:

Deciding on the Heritage Special:


soundstage is enormous on the HS...if you find that lacking in your 40s, it could be worth the upgrade on this factor alone.

Note: I think the market may have softened a bit on the HS, meaning if you can find one it may not come at the same premium as it did 9-12 months ago.  

Just sold my HERITAGE and downgraded?, back to the special 40’s. The Heriatage were too much for my room. they sounded very forward to the point they were hard to listen to.I’m not saying they are bad speakers. They just did not work in my environment. Special 40’s work much better in my room and I can listen all day long. So, I would say if you like the sound of the 40’s and you are in a small space, I would not recommend the Heritage to upgrade.

I have heard both and own the confidence 20s...IMO the Heritage is a much more refined speaker and definitely worth the investment, a no brainer.