Anybody tweaking by using the RCA caps?

I was wondering if anyone is using this system tweak and does it work?
Oh yes, the RCA caps and XLR caps do improve your system sound as well. More darker background. Keep out dust and oxidation as well.

The most common are the Cardas caps, but I am using the Telos caps instead. Much better built quality and more effective AND CHEAPER.

I think Acoustic Sound do carry the Telos caps. You can email me if you need more info.

Have fun.
I use the Cardas ones. Can't tell a difference with or without. YMMV.
I have thought about trying them myself, but have not yet.

For some reason, I think I remember reading that on some equipment (like Atma-Sphere) you should not do this though...
I'm with cruz123 - ain't no big shake - but if you are a neatnik or a little anal there's something satisfying about seeing them all in a row with the logos all set exactly the same.

you got's to look good to sound good....
I use them because I have them. They do nothing for the sound.
Wendell, what Mr. Golden ears can't hear a difference with them installed...yeah, neither can I :-) But I sleep better at night knowing they're serving and protecting...
I have them but have not noticed a difference. It was a relatively inexpensive purchase hence the gamble.