Anybody try this??

I am in the research mode to buy new speakers. My budget will be somewhere in the 20k neighborhood. I am having trouble finding a speaker offered in Front, center and rears that I am excited about. Although I have only auditioned a few my thoughts are nurturing a plan B. This would be to buy  5 Golden Ear Super Sats for HT and then free up more of my budget to buy much better Speakers for 2 channel. My system would allow me to do this easily as I am using:
Anthem D2v, McIntosh MC205 5 channel amp, Audio Research Ref5 and a McIntosh MC402. Currently I only use 3 of the 5 channels of the 205 and run front speakers with the 402. This allows me to have 5.1 or shut off half the system and have 2 channel only. By the way speakers are Revel Performa F32 etc.

So my question is, do you own or have you used the Golden Ear SuperSats for HT and been happy with the impact and quality of sound for action movies. My room is 18x28 and not closed off from a hallway and kitchen. My other benefit of this would be not taking life from the tubes of the Ref5 when only using it for Unity Gain pass thru.

Any other HT speakers with similar footprint that you know of, I am open to suggestion.

Thank You
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I think the hot number for ("reasonable") two channel speakers these days are the Vandersteen Quattro Wood CTs.  For HT duties, pick up some used KEF REF 201 and KEF center channel. 
Try the Tekton Design Double Impact HT speakers, they are phenomenally good.
auditon the larger Personas too
I have heard the Quattro Wood CT and they would be on my list if I do my. Option B. The Tekton's don't have any dealers in my area, I did listen to the Persona 3's but would want to hear the 5's or 7's.
If I do go with my option B I have a lot of options for 2 channel, could get confusing.

I would just stay with good ole 2 channel,I left HT 8 or 9 yrs ago after only a couple of years,but Offcourse my priorities are music and very few movies.

Just having 2 speakers is so much easier and gives many more options.You might need to ask yourself what your priorities are and I wish you the best of luck.