Anybody try the res audio opus 21 yet?

I currently have their cd 50 player and was thinking of upgrading to the opus 21. Has anybody had a chance to hear one yet? What are you opinions? Is it in the same league as the Aero audio and Mephisto units? Thanks, Kale
Everyone is waiting for the Opus 21 to begin shipping. I talked to Jeff Kalt on 4/15. The first Opus 21's have not shipped yet. The new projected shipping date is 4/22 or there-abouts.
Probably only those who attended the show have heard it yet. Latest email from Jeff.

"We begin shipping next week, right after the Stereophile Show in New York this week.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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He'll send you one to try for a month with a restocking fee if you return it.
This is another player I'm really interested in....

I'm wondering if there are more people out there that have auditioned this player, and how it has sounded to them. I'm currently considering a new player, and was leaning towards a tubed one; Audio Aero Prima, Audiomeca Keops and Granite 657 were all on my list. I have a VTL integrated and ML Aerius speakers, and am looking for something rich, warm, organic, yet accurate.

I have not heard this cdp, but it is clearly a contender, as those with the Opus have stated it betters the 50 and 55 (both awesome). You lose little by doing the home audition. If you are not needing a variable output player, you also need to consider the Gamut CD1 and the Audio Note 3.1x cdp

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By the way the AN 3.1x has a tubed output stage. I have decided to order this cdp after auditioning its little sister the 2.1x. IMHO the 2.1x is an unbelievable player for $1400 retail.
The Audionote 3.1x was on my list as well!! I'm waitin to hear if I can audition it first... along with the Aero Prima, which I think has got to be a must audition after hearing what people have been saying. Too bad no one has any in stock... at least that I know of...
If a lesson can be learned from those posts regarding the delays in the delivery of the Capitole MK2 it is that you may have a long wait before you audition the Prima. That said, I am sure that it is worthy of serious consideration.

Another option:

Consider a used Wadia 830 or 850 then send it to The Great Northern Sound Company for modification. There are numerous posts on this forum regarding the benefits of this approach. When a used 850 becomes available I will likely do this. Steve Huntley at GNSC is a great guy and clearly (from the prior posts on this site)this approach is generally awarded with an outstanding digital front end.

The reality is at the 2000-3000K price point there are numerous worthy contenders to consider. This is truly a great time to obtain outstanding digital components at a great price.

Best of luck and you should certainly consider listening the one box Audio Note units in your system prior to purchasing a player.