Anybody try doubling different cables?

It seemed logical to me,to try to get the most cable between the amp and speaker for best performance, so have double runs of Clear Day solid silver and Acoustic Zen Double barrel - an effective awg of about 5 or 6? - and they sound spectacular - better than each individually. Interested to hear the experts' opinions or anybody that has tried similar set-ups with copper plus silver of different manufacture and design and resultant increased gauge wire?
Not hard to connect with a combination of spades and bananas on both ends- double spades and one banana per amp side and 4 per side on the biwired speakers.
System: EAR 868 preamp, SOTA 4 turntable, Bel Canto mono 1000 ref amps, SP Tech rev III speakers, Mcintosh MR 67 tuner (better than my ss CDP!!) KCI silkworm +, GG reflection, Cardas GC, Mogami neglex gold ics, Pangea 9 AC SE pcs.
Thanks for your input.
I biwire with two sets of Kimber 8TC.
Isn't the Acoustic Zen Double Barrel already a double run?
If you do a search there is another thread that already covered this in some detail. If I remember correctly, it's all a matter of trial and error as there are no absolutes, but staying with one brand and going up a level or using a double run of the same brand seemed to be the way to go.

I got great results using Clear Day and Mapleshade speaker cables (both entry level) but got even better results going up to the next level of Mapleshade Double Helix cables.

Good luck as this will keep you busy.

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There is no benefit in using mega-thick speaker cable unless you have exceptionally long runs, > 50 ft. A 12 awg cable will be more than sufficient for runs less than 50 ft. Don't over-spend on something that will provide no benefit, use your money more wisely elsewhere...

I tried both Synergistic Research Signature #2 with Dh Labs Q10s sigs on my bass (bottom of my speakers ) since i am bi-amping.
I noticed an improvement in the bass . Stronger and Tighter sound ... to me
I'm currently using both Mundorf's 1.5mm Silver/gold solid-core round wire(teflon insulated) + DIY Mundorf 2.1sqmm copper foils run parallel in single-wire configuration with my waveguide-based Auto-tech Mummy MkII speakers - and it works brilliantly, also better than each wire run individually. The sound with the parallel run of (different) wires, compared to the Silver/gold wires alone, is more focused and vital, sharper, and with a more natural tone and timbre.

A very cheap tweak, I might add, being that my existing wires were the Silver/gold's; a Mundorf CFC14 coil costs a mere $60, with plenty of copper foil for many many feet of speaker cable...
I find the same, Phusis, the sound is incremental adding the silver of the Clear Day to the copper of Acoustic zen. Great harmony, almost like they were made for each other :):)!
Hi,In my opinion, speaker cable jumpers yield the best results in sound for bi-amp speakers,and saves alot of money versus buying a second amp,jumpers are 8" or 10",I have 10" taralabs omega jumpers,these jumpers are not listed on the tara net site,they are made in the u.s.a.,they are being sold in the asian markets like japan,where they have more money than since,LOL,I guess there economy is better?,any way,11 months ago I asked tara what was the best jumper they can make?,they explained how it was made and the science behind it,I asked them to make it and send it to me,I bought it!,those jumpers was the most profound improvement for sound on a pair of speakers I have heard in 25 years!,believe it or not, you lose less sound quality with 10" cable versus 6ft or 8ft,the jumper that I have is almost as big around as the speaker cable I have on my other system,its tara the one speaker cables,thou the jumpers dont have the diamerter that the omega gold speaker cable has,it is helexed in the windings of the conductors just the same as the omega gold speaker cable and with the air tubes as well,pretty much a baby omega gold,kinda costly!,but not out of reach for some audiophiles,they are $800.00 for 10",well worth the price!,I defiantly have no regrets!,the omega gold speaker cable of course is alot bigger around than the jumpers as I already said,so the jumper as good as it is,is in no way in the same ballgame as the speaker cable, $24,000.00 8ft retail versus $800.00 retail jumper,wanted to throw that in,incase their may be people out there that might expect that you are getting the omega gold speaker cable sound in a jumper,In a since you are!,just in a smaller scalled down sound,this jumper enhances the speakers in a unique way,spectacular! happy listening!
Last year,member Nonoise wrote a post about using the Clear Day speaker cables with other(cheaper) brands of copper speaker cables.

I have used the Clear Day Doulble shot-gun speaker cables with a DIY 14awg copper speaker cable. The two speaker cables used together were the best I have had in my system by far.

The combination of Silver Clear Day cables with almost any copper speaker cable will sound outstanding to very good.

The Doulbe Shot-Gun Clear Day cables were better sounding then the single shot-gun Clear Day cables when combined with the DIY copper cables.


But the Doulbe Shot-Gun Clear Day's were much better in every aspect of sound.

The short of it, I lent my son a set of Audioquest Flex 4 cables, about 8 ft. This is a quad run of stranded cable for custom install, nothing fancy but sounds nice. He wanted to upgrade and I convinced him to try GBC cable from HCM Audio, essentially soild copper Audioquest Type 6 wire now sold in custom lengths. Out of the package, GBC had more detail but less musical than the Flex 4 wire run as internal biwire. I suggested he run them both at the same time. Wow, sounded a lot better than either wire alone, more of everything, even volume (controlling for this effect, still sounded better). Remember this only 8ft runs. In this case, more wire and a combination of stranded and solid cable sounded better than single runs of either.

His system, Peachtree iNova and D5 speakers on stands. Mac Pro source, shunyata PC and Furman power conditioning.

In my pre-2010 system, I have AR9's with Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X shotgun cables, which I jumpered together at the speakers (effectively making a double run). This greatly improved the sound and was better than a Telsa Precision Reference cable I purchased/compared/sold.

In my post-2010 system, I have Quintessence Summit speakers with SR Tesla Apex. With a single cable run, the sound was a little veiled. I added a second run of Apex and it made a huge difference.