Anybody tried Sumiko OCOS cables...?

Looking for relatively "cheap" double run, speaker cable. I am interested in Sumiko OCOS...! Anybody tried them...?
I tried the OCOS interconnects and cables several years ago, when they were first introduced. System then comprised Avalon Eclipses, JRDG Mod. 1's (bridged) and Consummate Pre (with matching Phono). The OCOS's were even more cloudy, compressed-sounding and dark than MIT, which 'til then was the worst wire I had ever heard in my system. I've gone thru lot's of stuff since then, constantly upgrading. I'd suggest looking at some of the lower-end Nordost or Cardas cables. There are usually plenty of pairs on AuidogoN.
I also used OCOS with Rowland Model 1 amp, however, the preamp was the Coherence II and the speakers were Monitor Audio Studio 20. I have a very positive opinion of the OCOS. They're not a statement product, but a very solid value. A double run is highly recommended.

Yep recently bought a secondhand pair.

I am impressed with their sound. They deliver is a very clean sound. Well it did not cost me very much and they replace (very) old audiolab cables. The improvement is immediately audible.

I use NAD hifi, VandenHull interconnects (D102) with B&W 703 speakers in a single wiring setup.

OCOS is the very best speaker cable, at any price, I've ever heard. It's imperative, however, that you get at least a double run, or two cables per speaker (each coaxial cable carries both the positive and negative signals and are terminated with positive and negative spades or bananas, and the more cables, or "runs" you get between your speaker and amplifier, the more signal you're going to capture.

They have almost zero impedance, meaning that they lose virtually no signal up to 340 feet, therefore, you can have different cable lengths between speakers - a very convenient feature. As far as sound goes, they are absolutely neutral: if you don't like what you hear, then there's a better than even chance that something is wrong with the rest of your system.