Anybody tried "Sonic Euphoria" cables??

Hey all,

I just picked up a pair of "Sonic Euphoria" cables - Jeff's Sound Values house brand - and am quite impressed. Just wondering if anybody else has tried them and what your impressions are.

I'm using a 1 meter RCA interconnect that sounds considerably better than the Homegrown Audio Silver Lace, Wireworld Polaris or Audioquest Opal X3. I've got a pair of Audiotruth Emerald X3s on the way which are supposed to be pretty highly regarded, so it'll be interesting how they compare.

Granted, none of my cables are high $$$, but they're decent and these Sonic Euphorias only cost $125 new.

They're detailed w/o being too forward or bright - no electronic sheen like the HomeGrowns or the Wireworlds, and present a much deeper soundstage than any of the others. More focused with greater coherence across all frequencies. And they're not even broken in yet!

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who's tried them.


I have two pairs of 1 meter rca's and a bass euphoria 25' long for my sub. The ic's work fine. No, they're not very detailed or open when compared to the midline ic's like stealth, harmonic tech, siltech or Cardas, but they work fine in our receiver based systems.

Why don't you tell us what equipment you're using. It may be revealing.

Best wishes,

Bill E.
I'm running the following:

Sonic Euphoria/Wireworld Polaris (soon a AQ Emerald X3)
Homegrown Audio Silver Lace (also trying a Jon Risch/Sean Belden cable)
ARC D-115MK2
MIT Terminator 2 Bi-wire
Magnepan 1.6/QR

I'm having the best results with the Sonic Euphoria running between the cdp and preamp. For A/B comparison I was using a Wireworld Polaris. The Sonic Euphoria sounded much smoother - all the detail, but none of the nasties.

It's not broken in yet, but seems to be outstanding...especially for the $$$.