Anybody still use a Hegeman Hapi 2?

I own a Hapi 2 that I've been considering replacing the caps and resisters on. It went to my secondary system years ago when I went digital and needed a preamp with more inputs. I currently use a Forte 44 preamp and a Grado PH1 phono stage on my main system. Just for haha's I compared the 2 phono stages back then before making the final decision with the Hapi 2 coming in a very close second. The Hapi 2 has always had quite the reputation and now that I've upgraded my cartridge (Grado Statement Sonata1), I'm wondering if I should start with the Hapi2 upgrade or if it's even worth the bother. I'm hoping somebody else has or had a Hapi 2 and has an opinion.
I do, hard to compare phono stages, its at least decent in any event, what the Hapi does BETTER than any pre I ever heard is capture the full dynamic range of a symphony in full cry. When it finally dies I just might cry(no joke).
This exchange made me get my Hapi 2 out of storage so I can see what it needs to get it to work again.A few years back I shelved it because of a left channel that would fail to come on when device powered up.Local electronic repair shop attempted to repair but problem promptly returned.I used the Hapi 2 with a HK Citation 12 (it too needs repair).I hope to get both of these fine devices repaired and back in service (driving a pair of EPI 100's).
I have one. I have used it as a pre, off and on in my second system, and now I am going to use it as a dedicated phono stage. I will report back soon...
Dear all, anybody of you has a copy in digital format of the manual? Moreover I got one hapi 2 in great conditions and i wonder when is it inverting preamp or not. Thanxs if you would elucidate me