Anybody seen Grizzly Bear Live?

Just bought my tickets for a beautiful venue here in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Hall in Oakland. I'm really excited.
I just wanted to hear some feedback from some folks that have seen them live.
For anyone just lurking in on this thread, and not to familiar with Grizzly Bear, take a listen to their 2012 album release called Sheilds, it is fantastic!! Easily one of the best albums of the year.
I'm usually really up on concert listings, but somehow one of my favorite bands in coming to town in two weeks, and I almost missed it. Luckily, I was scanning Pitchfork's concert listings and saw this. Can't wait!!
They are great live. Have seen them a few times, last time with Beach House opening for them (another mellow indie band I am really digging).

I love their first 2 albums too.

Enjoy Todd!
Thanks Roscoe, I have been exploring their other albums.
Can't wait!
Saw them acoustic at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit a couple of years ago. Had never heard their music at the time and thought they were great. Many contemporary bands that do the Bridge concert have a hard time playing acoustic but GB was exceptional.
Thanks Ogsarg, They put on a fantastic concert here in Pittsburgh. GREAT light show and performance!!
We were seated in front of the speakers , stage right. The BASS was absolutely stupid. My wife could not make it through one song. It was over powering and one note bass.
We moved to the third floor balcony. Much better.
Take a listen to Sheilds their last effort if you have not. It is a very strong album.