Anybody see/hear the new Krell FBI Integrated Amp?

This is supposed to be an amazing Integrated Amp., quite possibly the best available to date??? I'm interested if anybody has seen or heard it yet. Dealers are sying that it sounds better than the KCT - 300cx combo, that would be pretty amazing indeed.
Funny, since it is just that, the KCT + the 300cx in one box.
But, ofcourse the dealer wish to sell you the brand new F.B.I. With he KCT and 300cx, you still benefit from the possibilty to upgrade on the amp section though!
Hello Lars,

What part of the country are you in? I might have some good ideas for you to pursue.

I have some insight on this issue. Personally the new Krell products are beautifully finished but sound good and not great, there are better choices if you are talking about spending that much money.

The Krell house sound has been losing ground to much of the industry, and that is why the new series. I have heard the really expensive stuff and I was not impressed at all!
New info direct from Krell,
the preamp inside the FBI is not as good as the KCT.