Anybody rolled tubes on their Aesthetix Rhea?

Just curious if anyone has tried replacing the factory tubes. Please share your thoughts. Thanks
As long as we're on this subject, how about the Callypso as well?
My Rhea has a combo of tubes. Tungsram and Mullards. This sucker sounds unbelievable. Extremely low tube rush. Contact Kevin Deal @ Upscale Audio. He's extremely helpful and knows his tubes.

Also rolled the tubes in my Mac C2200 Tube Preamp. Huge difference! Soundstaging is so 3-Dimensional and the overall tonality has exceeded my expectations.
Hi Eddie....weren't you experiencing some tube rush before? And I believe it was getting a bit worse??? Has it been remedied?
I have a Calypso. Purchased with mullard tubes from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. Have not done any tube rolling but will report on it when I do. I have about 150 hours on it right now. It is a fabulous sounding pre. Like clear water. Break-in made a huge difference. Started out with a lot of sibilence on female vocals, but mellowed out to perfection around 80-100 hours of use. Using it with AES Sixpac EL34 monoblocks.
Hey RWD....

Yes, was having a tube rush problem. Was getting really bad on the left channel. It's was using all Mullard's that seem to have caused it. Once Jared at Upscale Audio installed some Tungsram tubes the Rhea's noise floor dropped like a rock! It's extremely quiet now and the sound is still incredible!