Anybody remember Amber Electronics? I have some

My analog rig is powered by an '80s-era (I think--could be '90s) Amber stack--a Model 17 preamp w/built-in MM and MC phono stages and Series 70 power amp. It's very musical and listenable, but manages to be very neutral.

It's getting a bit long in the tooth, and I can't help thinking that the gear today is faster and cleaner. Of course, maybe I should just get the Amber freshened up.

I have a Hafler 915 J-Fet preamp (the last home preamp they made--it was their assault on the high end) sitting around, and I was wondering if I'd get more speed and clarity with a Cambridge 640P feeding the Hafler. I also have a VSP Labs Straightwire preamp (I'd use it instead of the Amber, but one channel's out in the phono section) that I could use as the line level pre. It's also wicked fast as well as being neutral yet musical.

Thoughts? Opinions? Feelings?

Amber was one of those companies that made great gear but somehow didn't catch on. I have an Amber 7 tuner which is very nicely made and sounds very good. I've heard it was made for them by Rotel. I can't verify but I've always had a hunch Amber was somehow related to CJ.