Anybody prefer JL Audio or Velodyne subs for rock?

Hi audiophiles, I'm looking to add a sub to my 2-channel audio system, and I wanna rock! My components are McIntosh MC252/C46, etc..., speakers are Klipsch La Scala II so high DB output sub is preferred. Has anybody heard both the JL Audio F113 and Velodyne DD18 and care to comment? I'm also considering a JL F212 but the beast weighs in over 220 lbs, and the price tag is heavy too. FYI- Velodyne has a special offer: good thru the end of April you can get a new DD18 for $3K, this offer should be good at most or all Velo dealers.
Add a stereo pair of JL's. Better imaging with a stereo pair.
look at the SVS:
Get the DD18.
Both subs you mention are tremendous performers - probably overkill for the vast majority of 2 channel applications. I really doubt that you'd hear much difference. You won't go wrong either way...provided that you get them well integrated with your mains and that your room can handle the output. I use a Velodyne SMS-1 sub controller to help integration. It's reasonably priced and it works like a charm.

BTW, I haven't heard the SVS that Knownothing recommends, but they have a great rep and test off the charts. They offer in-home trial, and if listening bears out the specs, these subs would appear to be hard to beat for the money.
As long as you have a well built sub (both the JL and Velo are), then the sound that you end up with is 90% setup related. Whether it sounds tight, fast, authoritative, etc, has to do with your room's acoustics, and how well the sub works within the variables that the room throws at it.

Integrating a sub takes some work, but is worth the effort of course. The Velodyne SMS-1 recommendation is a good one if you go with the JL.

Consider a REL B1 as well.
Frankly any one of the SVS PB13Ultra, JL F113 or the Velodyne DD18 are going to be excellent in either mono or stereo (it doesn't matter much but you may get a more even in room sound if you have two subs to play with and you have the liberty of placing them in the best spot). I'd guess that the DD18 will beat the smaller drivers in terms of absolute SPL.

The advantage of the PBUltra13 is you can play with the ports (all three blocked, or any or all three open) which will change the "Q" or resonance of the sub - this may help in integration with the bass of your speakers (I am not sure what sort of response the Klipsch La Scalas will have but they look like bass bins or folded horn designs so a resonant sub with higher Q will integrate best. If you can find group delay measurements on the Klispch or an anechoic frequency resposne then it will be easier to judge what would work optimally. Suffice to say that getting a very tight overdamped musical sub may cost you a lot more money than you need to spend and also give you lower SPL then something with greater resonance or group delay)
Running Cornwalls with a McSystem. I wanted to experiment with a sub. Considered the Trinity from Def Tech and JL Audio F113. Wound up with a Klipsch RT-10D for less than 1/3 of the cost of the others. May want to look at Epik subwoofers too.
If cost doesn't matter, go with two JL F113's.
I have both the SVS Ultra 13 in one room running with Maggie 3.6's, and the F113 in another home theater room(much larger space). I'm a rock n' roll guy and have to say that although the SVS is a great piece for the money, the F113 is a different animal and above it in my opinion(FWIW). The SVS is plenty for me with the Maggies in my 2 channel room(12 X 16).

I'm thinking either one you mention might be overkill with Cornwalls, if I'm thinking of the right speakers, but the F113 is a monster. Two might make you deaf!!! No, I haven't tried the F113 with the Maggies yet, since the F113's are with the home theater matched with Paradigm S6's.

I never had any Velodyne DD series, but a while ago I had a Velodyne 1012, which couldn't hunt with either of these two dogs I currently have.

I think either one you ask about, or the SVS will fill up all but a huge room with plenty of McCartney's bass!!!! Rock on and enjoy.....
I have only tried the JL F-113 and I am only using one.
It really rocks!
Fantastic intergration with my Andra 2 speakers! Deep well articulated bass notes.
Its small, has a high gloss finish like my Andra's, looks great, but is heavy as hell.
have 2 jl audio f113 in my 2ch system and one in my HT system --best sub I have ever owned--have a friend who has compared the velodyne dd18 to the jlf113 and favored the jl -113---can't lose either way --I favor 2 subs for 2ch
I really appreciate all of these great responses to my question, your information is very valuable towards helping me arrive at a final decision. The Velo dealer around here doesn't have any DD's on display, and there are no JL dealers here yet, but so far sounds like a person can't go wrong with either sub. The SVS looks like another viable option, looking forward to more responses. Thank you all for sharing your time, knowledge and listening preferences with me.

Nice hardware dude....
The Jl Audio's are built for your request. I use two of the F113's. They can pound it out with finesse. Live rock concert sound. Very tight detailed and extended. No overhang puffs. You want to hear what Tommy Stewart and Shannon Larkin sound like from Godsmack? Neil Peart sounds amazing as well.