Anybody planning on attending T.H.E. Show in Long Beach next month?

Is this the one that blew up last year? The website for it is pretty weak, and I can't even find any "special" rates for the hotel, which is pretty expensive.
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Actually it was another show (The Los Angeles Audio Show, LAAS) that was cancelled last minute in 2018 -- T.H.E. Show actually went ahead (after being cancelled the year before!) 

So lets hope everyone is on firmer footing this time around -- unfortunately I'm out of the country but hope they pull it off -- the exhibitor list looks somewhat down on prior years however
Excel Audio who is nearby isn't listed, nor is Luxman, but Wilson is.
I'm going with a friend. We're just going for one day.
I wrote to the organizers through the website and got a link for the special rate for the hotel:

Be sure to change the date to the night(s) you plan to be there. It's quite a savings over what you'd get from the hotel.