Anybody own Shanling CD player?

Anybody own or listened to Shanling CD player. How do they sound compare to other CD player? Thanks
Check over on There have been a couple of reviews of this player there.
There have been a few threads on AudioAsylum regarding this player, and I think the general consesus was that it looked very cool (to some), but other players in that price range sound much better.
well we have sold out of our share of the shanling cdt-100 cd player until the end of july ...... we have our demo and I am taking it home ...

we love the player as do all my customers who have purchased it from us ... it simply sounds wonderful and is very musical sounding ... very natural vocals and great staging ....wonderful bottom end ....

is it worth the $2000 -- Yes and will compete with cd players much more expensive ....

we can not wait to get our next order in .. we will be carring the shanling line for a long time ....

good listening
I have wondered the same thing. It offers a LOT of circuitry for the money i.e. your selection of either tube or SS output sections along with HDCD decoding. That thing looks so "cool" that you could literally use the chassis and modify the hell out of the circuitry if need be. If i had a money tree growing in the back yard.... Sean
I agree with Sean on the cool look - it is hot and in a few weeks if it doesn't bring the sound across you will not need a money tree to pick one up on the used market. Kind of like the SACD thing. I wouldn't mind having one and may wait until then. If sounds as good as it looks my wait might be a long time coming.
I love the looks and overall build quality. The sound was
mediocre with the stock tubes. However, it really opens up
with NOS Western Electric 396As. Still a touch of brightness but it is gorgeous.
I understand that the Shanling CDP has recently been modified/upgraded. I heard one about 4 months ago (the older series apparently) and thought the Rega Planet/2000 and the Classe CDP.3(both less money) were far more musical, layered and textured. Would like to hear newest incarnation however --certainly sweet looking with solid construction.

peter jasz.
Heard that the player costs less than US$1000 in the Far East.
Wow Allied, the Rega and the Classe .3 "were far more musical, layered and textured" than the Shanling? If so, the new version will have to be ALOT better than it's predecessor to be a real contender, even at the $2k price point. Seems like the RCA only outs might be a compromise if you have an amp or pre amp that has an xlr signal path that is shorter or better designed than its RCA run.
Good luck Sean, I've usually had to work my butt off before I could get any money out of a tree.
Money is made of paper which comes from trees.
Ljgj, too bad it's not that simple. I would become a lumberjack if it was : ) I also agree about the sonics of these. If they aren't that hot, we'll start seeing them on this and similar websites soon enough. I'm typically pretty conservative on what i buy but this one may be different. That's not to say that i think it is / would be the finest piece ever made even if modified.

Wendell, how much time did you spend with this unit ? I take it that you were strictly running the tube output rather than the SS ? What did the SS side sound like ? Sean
Solidstate was very disappointing. Flat, bright, no soundstaging to speak of. Sounded like any other mid-fi
Thanks for the info. I'm sure i could find this info out on somebody's website, but does this unit upsample ? I think that it does, but i can't remember. Sean

Yes it does and you can turn it on or off.
Wonderful player. The tube section is smoother than the SS output, however,that is better than anything I ever heard and owned. There is a larger soundstage and better separation. If you thought SACDs were great you should listen to HDCDs on the Shanling. Plus they are less expensive.
Why does Shanling include the SS circuitry? Why not just keep things simple and do tube-only? If it's just a selling point, then I'm not interested. I would rather an audiophile company produce "coherent" products. Besides, the ability to switch back and forth (with a cumbersome movement of ICs) doesn't seem to offer an advantage. If you want tubes, get tubes; if you want ss, get ss.