Anybody own or owned a McIntosh MC2250?

I am contemplating replacing my 90 watt Quicksilver monoblock tube amps with an old Mac MC 2250 (250 wpc) to drive a pair of Thiel CS 3.6 speakers. Ideally, I would go with something even higher powered, but I don't have the funds right now. The Quicksilvers are great amps, but I'm not sure they're an ideal match for the Thiels.

I'd be interested in feedback on the 2250 from those who own or have owned one. Thanks!

I owned one for a short time. Very good amp with lots of power. Are the Quicksilvers running out of power?
I would think the Theils would be better suited with a high current amp like a levinson krell or rowland
Bottom end with the QS amps is a bit loose and undefined. Top end is slightly rolled off, which would be a good thing for some Thiel owners, but not great for someone (me) who's been a drummer for forty years.

Levinson, Krell, and Rowland are going to be a LOT more $$ than the Mac.
The issue with Theils is the impedance curve tends to dip around two ohms.
A levinson 23.5 can be had for 2K and the Mcintosh is around 1500 for a real nice example 8 or better.
Even though the Mcintosh has a little more power the 23.5 can deliver an endless amount of current and headroom. Just what your theils need served to them. Theils are a great speaker.
I would wait and save a little more money and try to grab a Rowland or Levinson
I think you will be very happy with that combo

I'm a Mcintosh guy but I never really though Mcintosh and Theil was the best marriage.