Anybody own or hear the Wavestream linestage?

Scott Frankland's Wavestream phono stage is one of the best out there. Anyone
have experience with the relatively new linestage?
Good luck, that's even rarer than the phono stage.
Have you spoken with Elliot at Acoustic Image?

He's the only Wavestream dealer that I know of and he usually has the amps in stock - don't know about Scott's other products.
I own a line stage. It was purchased to replace an Air Tight preamp. I bought it from Brian at the Analog Room. It is built like a tank and is far superior to the Air Tight, making the Air Tight sound rolled off and non neutral. The upper frequency extension is remarkable. It is dead quiet with plenty of gain. Dynamics and bloom are everywhere as it brings out the best in my Air Tight 300B amp. Highly recommended.
Samuelg, do you own the Wavestream phono stage as well? Your description of
the linestage seems very much in line with what I hear from the phono stage.
The Wavestream linestage performs much like the phono stage as Lula mentions. I just ordered a new unit. I have one on loan right now until my unit is done being made. I must like the Wavestream sound. I have the V8s, phono stage, and now a line stage on order. Good luck!
I have a complete Wavestream system. Phonoamp, linestage and V8 power amplifier. They stand with the best. Now, Brian has come up with a set of prototype stereo speakers. 400 pounds each, and very impressive but not available yet.
I've heard them. Very promising indeed.
Anyone make any comparisons with the Wavestream linestage? Is it in the same "league" as a GAT or Joule 300ME?
I just heard the Wavestream and yes, it is in the league with the best. Very uncolored, big and open sound, great transients well textured and a real statement piece. I want one.....and they are beautiful as well. (Phono and linestage) PT
Lula, Smokester, tm,
Are you still happy with your Wavestream phono stage? I just listened to the transcription version with the Wavestream linestage through an Ayre amp (I think) and Harbeth speakers. The combo was very musical and engaging.