Anybody out there using Spectron amp?

Have heard glowing reports on this amp from people who normally don't care for solid state. I need a beefy affordable, MUSICAL opinions anyone? (PS already been to AA)
I have a Spectron which I bought to drive my Gallo References. It is a great amp, and anyone who has heard it will concur. Smooth sounding, great bass, good detail. See this month's Absolute Sound for a comment on the Spectron and another class D amp the name of which I don't recall. This is a bit of a sleeper as there has been very little press on it. Conrad
Check for a number of mixed reviews. Amp seems to have great potential, but there seems to be a reliability/quality control and product support issue.
You might look at the Marsh amps for beefy, affordable, and musical. Haven't heard them myself, but some of the reveiws have been glowing.
I had Spectron 1KW for awhile. It lots of detail and great power and bass control, but seemed unnatural sounding. I'm a tube guy, and it didn't come close to my listening preferences, so factor that in to my opinion. But what's more important is that I traded it to a guy who used it bi-amped for his huge woofers. Seemed like a great idea, until it fed so much power through them they literally burned up. The amp was sent to Spectron, who had no explanation for the malfunction. He demanded that they pay for his woofer repair, which didn;t happen. After about 4 weeks, and still not hearing anything from Spectron, he called them again. Now they claimed the amp was damaged in shipping (no mention of this before) beyond repair. He ended up getting a check from UPS. From my experience and my friend's with the 1KW, I would never own any digtal amp.