Anybody not like Eichmann Gold Bullet Plugs?

I put these on my Chris VH DIY silver cables and found them to be dull on the top end, bloated on the bottom end, and they hid a lot of details that are in the music. I put cheap run of the mill RCAs on and to me they sounded much clearer. Not to say the Eichmann's are bad, but to me they seem to soften and veil the sound. I am sure the Silver Bullets would probably cure this, but I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on RCA plugs. Any opinions?
I find none of what you describe. I like them.
Nope that's what I hear, a bit rolled on the top and a bit generous in the mid-bass
I agree, I found them dull and have tried them twice now.
Just not exciting.
Unlike other pieces of audio jewelry(I mean connectors)the Eichmanns do not take on any sound of their own.
Their are only 2 small contact points for soldering.
The sound of your wire or cable design is what you hear.
Bad cable designs may be enhanced for the better with elaborate connectors.
A truly good design should not be altered by a connector.
The connector should not add coloration.
That is what the Eichmanns do (nothing)and nothing is good
A truly good design should not be altered by a connector.

The connector should not add coloration.

such a connector does not exist

That is what the Eichmanns do (nothing)and nothing is good

I would be interested in the various ic's that you have made to determine this. Conductor, dielectric, geometry, shielding, solder etc because in my experience everything effects the sound including the Eichmanns and I have made quite a few cables in my time...
Thanks for the opinions. The thing that always bothered me about the copper/gold bullet plugs was that the Eichmann advertising hype touted them as good as no connector at all and that they didn't impart any sound of their own to the cable. If that is the case, why does Eichmann have three different versions of the plug? Their advertising for the silver bullet states "Sound quality is in the highest league, with subtle but significant improvements over the standard tellurium copper Bullet Plug." If that is the case, that has to mean that the plugs do in fact put a sonic signature on the cable.
I've only tried the silver one and I like it.

My problem is putting too much heat into it with a soldering gun. Any tips on that?
liquid Flux on the contacts comes in a convenient pen
We manufacture cables, and use three different types of RCAs, after trying many many more. The gold plated Eichmann is one of them and sounds warmish, relaxed, coherent and a little laid back compared with metal RCAs. Poor metal RCAs will add grain, project images forward and sound much less coherent. Some better metal RCAs, such as the top of the line Furutechs, that we also use, will add extension, speed and refinement on top of what the Eichmann achieves. Or to put it another way, we really like the Eichmann gold-plated RCAs on our cables, as our cables excel at speed, liveliness and dynamics. But the Eichmanns are a little rolled off top and bottom, and if you are being picky, the treble lacks a bit of refinement. On the wrong cable I am not surprised to hear reports of them being a bit dull. But they can be extremely cost effective on the right cable. When it comes to the price level of the Silver Eichmanns, I think there are better RCAs - from Xhadow, Furutech etc. Note that my views will be biased by the fact I have only extensively tested RCAs on our own cables, so take that into account. Sonia.
I think there are better RCAs - from Xhadow

yep! that's all I use on my wire....

Chris Kline
Tel Wire
I can see where a design using pure copper,teflon dielectric and a Nylon sleaved jacket would benefit from an xshadow connector.
The silver connector would most likely speed the cable up and offer better detail .
Definately agree with copper cables and Silver connectors.