Anybody Listen Voxativ?

I am planning to by Voxativ Speakers, I need some feedback from  owners Voxativ
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For a long time, I was the typical sealed-box-low-efficiency-multiple-driver speaker + solid state type of Hifi listener. Usually UK brands. I was happy, because I didn’t know any better.
 I started traveling to shows around the world and by chance happened upon a very crowded Voxativ room. It immediately sucked me in - in a way I was not accustomed to - and I had to find out why. In my notes, I jotted things down like “sounds so open, effortless, huge dynamics, pin-point image... etc”. I left that RMAF in 2014 smitten with their 9.87. Then came lots of reading, research and more listening. Unfortunately, Voxativ isn’t as easy to find at a local dealer - but that now seems to be changing for the better. Cut to the chase - I’ve now been able to listen in my room to Zeth with and with out Z-Bass, Hagen Monitors and now 9.87 (with ac-4x drivers). I’ve tried them with a few different SET integrateds and even a Linn integrated - but nothing has bested the Voxativ t211. There’s a new version of the t211 that I’m awaiting hopefully soon. My main source is a fully loaded Linn LP12 but for digital I use an older TotalDAC. I know JV of TAS has had a pair of 9.87 for review for a few months now and am wondering what he has to say once he’s written it all up. Regardless, I’m a happy listener that trusts his own ears. Cheers. 
I met Holger, founder, of Voxativ at the RMAF 2016. I was looking for speakers since I purchased a Constellation amp and pre-amp after hearing them at RMAF 2015. My plan was to listen to the new, at the time, Raidho D1.1s as the previous speaker was paired with my Constellations and I loved the sound. Oh how things changed. I encountered the Voxativ room on the first day of the show and immediately was drawn to the sound. I spent the next 2.5 days trying to find a system I liked better but couldn’t. I ended up buying the Voxativ show setup at RMAF 2016 (211 amp + 9.87 speakers) and gasp, sold my Constellation gear. I have been very satisfied with the setup and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Voxativ and Holger!
@mmporsche , what is you opinion regarding midbass performance ?
Did you listening the piano test.  How is sound?
I am not sure what the "piano test" is, but if you are asking if my 9.87 sounds good with piano I would say, "yes". I listen to a wide range of music from classic jazz to industrial and have been very pleased with their broad range. I listen to many tracks with female and male vocalists and the sound is awesome. Simply put, I have never heard a better sounding system for the money; that is why I purchased Voxativ. In 2016 I listened to Magico, Focal and every other speaker I had read about or could find at the show over 3 days. Nothing matched the performance of the Voxativ setup in my opinion.
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Voxativ speakers have intrigued me for quite a while.  I've been doing lots of speaker demoing this year and Voxatic are on the short list of speakers I haven't heard yet but would love to.  Unfortunately, no dealers
anywhere near me.

Charney Audio uses Voxativ drivers as an upgrade to his horns. I have listened to the Companion with Voxativs and was blown away! Way better than the speakers Voxativ produces. If your in the NJ, NY area contact Charney for an audition...well worth the trip!
From The Part Time Audiophile's John Richardson:

"Charney Audio Companion Mk2 ($5,850-$9,550 a pair, depending on finish/driver options)

Richardson: The pair I auditioned was configured with a single pair of Voxativ AF 2.6 drivers. The cabinets themselves were horn-loaded using a smooth-horn configuration to eliminate diffraction and reflection. The sound of these transducers, powered by Charney’s own hand-built amplifiers, struck me as just right, as in how real music ought to sound. A company to watch."

I just had a wonderful experience with another potential Voxativ owner who flew into Dallas from San Diego yesterday to listen to my 9.87 system. I'm not a dealer - so can't directly help you there - but am happy to accommodate other curious listeners either local or day-trippers who'd like to stop in for a listen. DFW is an airport that is equidistant to pretty much every major US market with a ton of affordable flight options. I also have a pair of Hagen monitors for demo - and at least for now - a Voxativ T211 SET integrated amp to drive them all with. Message me if you are interested. Cheers.
Voxativs sound great with ZOTL amps.  And i recently added a REL S5 SHO (high level connection) to really add to the presentation.   Yeah, the coaxial driver really is wonderful.
I dont understand what you mean coaxial driver? For my understanding
Coaxial driver it is mean  2 drivers installed ?
@cto007   Will you be attending the Lone Star Audio Fest? I'm not 100% if I can make it, but if I do it would be great to meet in person. 

Your posts have me interested in being exposed to the Voxativs.
Does the Hagen have the Voxativ sound?
The Voxativ drivers are wideband drivers - single point source.  Absolutely glorious.  I have a 5" AF-2.6 in DIY cabinets supplemented by a Rel S/5 SHO and its all I need in a nearfield setting (I sit about 7-8' from the speakers).  The Voxativ sound is another word for transparency. As you move up to the 8" drivers you get more low end ...but I think the sub-bass of the Rel, while perhaps not as super fast as the units on the 9.87, does a great job.

to ct007.  I live in Victoria Tx. My daughter lives in Plano and the wife and I get up there occasionally.  I have a pair of lamhorn 1.8 with an aer 2B driver.  We would love to hear your Voxaativ's.  Would like to discuss them with you if you have time. My email is [email protected] 

Thanks enjoyed your post. 
do these play pretty loud by chance, not concert level but decent volume level?  also, how do they do with classic rock, delta blues and folk/voice/etc

I have gone to RMAF for a number of years, and there was a guy in the main lobby area each year using voxativ drivers. He was usually playing piano music at moderate volume. I never heard better reproduction of piano sound. I can’t vouch for how they would sound at loud volumes, but boy did they sound real.